How's your comp coping under Vista?

  Jojikiba 08:57 09 Jun 2007

Here’s a nice little way I found to check how your system is bearing up under Vista:

Control panel > System and maintenance > Performance information and tools > Advanced tools > Generate a system health report

It takes about a minute to create a report. When it’s finished, scroll down to “resource overview”.

You can see details of CPU, Network, Disk and Memory.

Hopefully, you’ll have green lights for those four!

  anskyber 09:28 09 Jun 2007

Everything nice and green, thank you.

  Jimmy14 10:09 09 Jun 2007

I've ran this before on a previous installation of Vista. All green as usual.

  IntoPCs 11:14 09 Jun 2007

I still can't find a driver for my MSI StarCam 370+ (not to be confused with 370i as MSI keep doing) and that was what caused the 1 red. XP drivers don't work in Vista and I've tried loads of others on the off chance.
Looks like I need a new webcam - any reccomendations?

  IntoPCs 11:15 09 Jun 2007

This could end up hijacking your thread - sorry I'll post a new thread in the forum.

  Pine Man 19:39 09 Jun 2007

One of my hard drives is nearly full (within 1%) so I didn't get the green light on that one but all the rest are.

  Jojikiba 23:58 09 Jun 2007

Pine Man

Having a hard drive that's 99% full is going to slow your system down quite a lot. You should think about deleting stuff you don't need or moving it onto an external usb hard drive.

I forget what the recommended free space is, I think I read somewhere you should try to keep about 20% free for smooth performance.

  Pine Man 11:06 10 Jun 2007

I have three hard drives. 2 SATA and 1 IDE.

The IDE drive is just a data drive used to store Acronis back-ups on and contains no programs.

Shouldn't be a problem - should it?

  Jojikiba 13:37 10 Jun 2007

Oh I see. I think it's OK then. Well, as long as you don't feel your system is slow, that's the main thing.

  Pine Man 19:05 10 Jun 2007

I decided to delete 20% of the back-ups just in case!

  Ben 216 21:59 10 Jun 2007

It's an NVIDIA driver that doesn't exist for Vista... And my motherboard was meant to be Vista ready! Seems to make no difference though.

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