how to speed up vista!

  madgamer234 13:46 21 Jun 2007

it may be psychological but i hated the spinning aero circle next to the mouse. it makes everything seem to take forever,which everything does,even the simplest of tasks.
solution was to switch it off in the mouse properties section.

mind you the first time that i did it the system hung.never ever had that happen before.i am not at all impressed with this new lame system.

  powerless 20:07 21 Jun 2007

PC specs?

  madgamer234 20:55 21 Jun 2007

amd athlon 64 X2 4800+ dual-core cpu,250 gbs hdd,2 gbs ddr2 667 like many others have now realised it is not the hardware.
i run 3 pcs ,2 xp and a vista and i find that i prefer to spend more time on one of the xp's to get the job done. cleaner,simple and normally faster.

  crosstrainer 07:07 22 Jun 2007

I agree, I am running 2 pc's one is a Vista "playground machine" I use it only as a testbed for Vista. The only features I find faster in the new os being the cd burning features and some of the buikt in multimedia apps.

Both pc's are high spec machines, both run 2x sli enabled graphics cards, but I find myself using either my XP pc (similar spec to yours) and my laptop for serious work. (laptop runs XP MCE) Even my newly aquired XDA orbit with Windows Mobile is better! I have decided to wait until 2009 for Vienna, when we will all be forced to migrate from XP.

and again there is my question! what is vista all about? a very major gpu company admitted "we have tried their hardest but are struggling with an over complex operating system" and if vienna is coming out the year after next why did i pay over £200 (i know) for an operating system that for 3 of my set ups and my programs is totally unworkable? the company i recently bought a motherboard from have stopped selling vista all together as it was causing them so much grief! it puzzles me, it really does!

  crosstrainer 17:23 22 Jun 2007

Yup, it's the money-go round I fear, I get oem dealer prices so didn't pay that kind of money for Vista... feel sorry for those that did. My clients are mostly staying with XP.. vienna will force the issue for us all. For now, just the one Vista machine, adding drivers as they become available. The other 2 remain firmly with xp.

  HighTower 23:03 22 Jun 2007

I'm lucky, my experience with Vista is much better. Installed without a hitch, all the drivers dropped straight in, noticeably quicker than XP and never needs a reboot to give it that edge in performance. And that's on a 2.8GHz machine (with loads of RAM mind you).

Personally I would never go back to XP now as Vista is a far better operating system for my personal circumstances.

  mrwoowoo 22:16 23 Jun 2007

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  Input Overload 23:02 23 Jun 2007

I've had no problems with Vista from day 1, it boots quicker & runs smoother & more stable that XP.

  Forum Editor 02:05 24 Jun 2007

in fact it's selling slightly better than forecast.

I'm puzzled when I see people saying that Vista slows their machines, because my experience, and that of many others is exactly the opposite. It's certainly as stable as Windows XP, if not more so, and my boot-times are faster.

Anyone who says that a computer is 'unworkable' when running Vista has either installed it on a sub-spec machine, hasn't installed updated drivers, or is running old and incompatible software. Almsot all new computers are sold with Vista preinstalled, and they certainly aren't unworkable.

  anskyber 10:23 24 Jun 2007

If you have three systems not working correctly then there is something amiss which is not Vista (as an OS) related. Perhaps one of the things mentioned by the FE.

Mine is fine and is faster than XP and stable.

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