How to remove Vista from Laptop

  frank201 23:36 30 May 2007

How can I remove Windows Vista Home Premium from my new 2 week old Gateway laptop?
I want to replace Vista with XP2.
Will the laptop work properly under XP? Help please.

  Kaz_Girl 23:43 30 May 2007

Depending on the structure of your drive partitioning you could install both OS's on seperate partitions and run a dual boot system, but this could cause you with other problems then as Windwos XP restore points generate whist in XP mode will remain, but any restore oints made by vista wil be lost the nex time you boot into XP.

  frank201 23:52 30 May 2007

I really want to completely remove Vista. It was a bad mistake to have brought it in the first place.

  rawprawn 09:10 31 May 2007

What problems are you having with Vista that makes you want to take such drastic action?

  rawprawn 09:22 31 May 2007
  frank201 20:33 02 Jun 2007

Too many problem! Things which were easy to do in XP are now impossible to do in Vista. There are too many folders to which access denied.
Example: folder called ‘My Documents’ cannot be accessed. Error Msg.
‘Location is not available.
…My Documents is not available.
Access Denied.’
I don’t want any software that takes over my computer and blocks me from doing what ever I want to on my own machine

Vista came installed on the laptop. I want to completely delete it and then install XP instead. How can I do this? I’ve heard the laptop may not work afterward with XP; is this true?

  Pine Man 14:03 03 Jun 2007

The only way to completely remove Vista is to format the hard drive BUT having done that you will obviously need a copy of XP and in addition XP drivers for all of your hardware as well as replacements for any software you have that is Vista specific.

  frank201 16:54 03 Jun 2007

Thanks for that however there seems to be no way to format the HD. The XP installation disk is greyed out and wont run.

  Jimmy14 17:03 03 Jun 2007

Change the boot order menu in the bios when you turn the laptop on to boot from CD first. Restart the computer and insert the XP disk in, you will have the option during the XP setup to format the hard drive then install a clean XP.

  aleee 18:33 03 Jun 2007

ok i am only 12 but i have done the same this trying to get things to work is horrible!no drivers for printers,fax's,pen drive is impossible.

THE POINT:you could wait you could wait untill sp2 comes out next year for vista! but just put xp back on but the disc in when its on the desk top and re boot the computer a message will come up "boot from cd press eany key" do it then follow the instructions on screen and it will ask you to format the drive do it and that will erase every think on it and follow the instructiond again untill you have susessfully installes xp P.S i know because i did it in my crap vista today 3/6/07

  frank201 22:48 03 Jun 2007

Thanks all. The suggestion to enter the bios made me see plainly what I was not doing.
Its quite simple. All one has to do is shut down and reboot with the XP disk in the drive and press any key when asked to do so to boot up from CD. Of course one cannot get rid of Vista while it is actually running.

I should like to know if any component in the laptop would be so Vista specific that it would not work with XP. Help welcomed.

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