How Much Space Does Vista Take?

  computergeekd 01:45 11 Nov 2008

Ok, I Have A 160 Gb Harddrive Acer Aspire 5520, With Vista Home Premium, BUT, I Can Only Use 69.7 Of It And My 2nd Harddrive 69.5, But The 2nd One Is My, I ForGet The Name But Im Not Supposed To Put Anything On It... So Help? Cause Outa 160 Only 69.7 Gigs To Use? That Means Alot Is Gone.

  mooly 08:06 11 Nov 2008

I too have an ACER with the HDD split in two equal partitions ( I upgraded to Vista with the free offer 18 months ago ) and use the D partition for system image backups with Acronis.
If your Acer came with Vista does it not use the D partition for the Acer e recovery applications, assuming it has them.

  ventanas 09:30 11 Nov 2008

I have the same setup (Toshiba) and I use the second partition for just about anything. As long as you don't wipe the restore files there is no problem.

  Migwell 08:50 12 Nov 2008

You can get rid of 'D' if you want and enlarge 'c' by clicking on start, right click on computer and then on manage and on to disk management. From there right click on 'D' and then delete partition. You will loose all that was on 'D' so back it up to another place. Good luck it is easy to do.

  Migwell 17:54 12 Nov 2008

By the way, most laptop's have a hidden partiton for the operating system which is for re-seting up of the computer to factory spec. It will place the operating system on 'C' and 'D' is for backups etc. I use a seperate drive fo my backups and do away with 'D' this gives me more room to work with, as with letters,spreadsheets,music and over 11000 photographs the way laptop manufactures sell laptops these days makes it all a bit cramped.

  computergeekd 02:27 13 Nov 2008

Thanks Guys :D I Didnt Know If It Was A Malfunction Or What Not

  mooly 17:37 13 Nov 2008

Something else -- just re read your first post, and you say the free space is less than it should be.
Click start, then computer, then right click the "C" drive. Click "properties" and run disc cleanup. Under the "more options" tab you can click "remove shadow copies" which deletes old restore points. This can free up significant space. Each restore point takes around +300mb and Vista allocates I think 15% of the free space for these.
Not a problem, but that's why your free space will creep down and then level off.

  mooly 17:39 13 Nov 2008

See also,
click here

  winkyG 09:37 14 Nov 2008

I use Junk Files Cleaner to delete all unused files and folders without any thread for the system.

you can get this utility here: click here

On my PC it found at about 1GB of space that was wasted by junk files that I never used.

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