How much do you know about memory card RAW file system?

  Ernest454 03:33 28 May 2014

In fact, recently my camera memory card was displayed as RAW file system on my computer. Every time I attempt to access it, a message would be given to ask me to format it at first. But, I have newly taken some photos on this card and have not been backed up yet. I cannot format it to lose them all. So, do you have any idea about RAW file system? How can rescue my card photos back? Help me, please!

  BRYNIT 08:46 28 May 2014

It could be a glitch with the computer reading the card.

If your camera can read the card and can see the pictures put it back into the camera and transfer the pictures via the USB cable that should have come with the camera.

  Murray454 08:50 28 May 2014

OK! RAW file system problem is not as serious as you think. It can be easily fixed by re-formatting. But, in your case, for the precious photos, you’d better rescue them back before formatting. Just insert this memory card to computer and rescue all your photos back with a data recovery tool. There are many similar data recovery tools online, like Recuva, 4Card Recovery, iCare Data Recovery and more. Just select one carefully. Also learn a lesson to back up everything important well.

  Beatricei95 02:51 30 May 2014

1). Stop using this camera memory card in case that anything else will overwrite your files inside.

2). Connect memory card to computer and use a data recovery tool to rescue all your wanted data back. There are many similar data recovery tools online that can help you. Just select one according to your own needs.

3). Save and back up restored files on another card or drive in case of farther data loss.

4). Format this memory card to fix its RAW file system problem after backing up all data well.

Always back up everything important before you decide to do any chance to your wanted data in the future.

Read more detailed information here:

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