How Many Of you Can run Aero?

  dave726587 16:38 24 Oct 2006

How Many Of you Can run Aero?
I want to see how many people can and cant so just say if your computer can handle aero (128mb Vram) or if it cant :-)

  dth 17:18 24 Oct 2006

works fine on my p/c, my (older) 2nd p/c and my (even older) test p/c

  Jimmy14 18:11 24 Oct 2006

works like a dream, RC2 here on my current acer aspire with 64Mb Dedicated RAM and some shared.

  sunny staines 18:22 24 Oct 2006

I have rc2 still not sure exacly what aero is. if its seeing the mini sized windows at an angle nearly side on then yes i get it. otherwise not sure.but cannot see anything graphics wise thats says wow unless i am missing something.
i have 1gig of ram & nvidia 6600 with 256 ram so meet the spec

  Kate B 18:42 24 Oct 2006

I imagine my PC will just about be able to cope with Aero ... 2GB Ram, 2xNvidia 7900 GTX in SLI ...

  Flak999 19:04 24 Oct 2006

Yes mine also, 2x Nvidia 6800 GTs in Sli

  keja 20:30 24 Oct 2006

Vista RC1 here, Toshiba laptop, ATI M/Radeon x300 64mb onboard + 256mb of system memory (of 1gb). No problem running Aero - though I'm not sure if later builds are more picky.

  Forum Editor 20:46 24 Oct 2006

are happy with Aero, as are my two laptops.

  powerless 20:57 24 Oct 2006

Yeah; ATi x800.

Doesn't in Parallels, but that's a different story.

  dave726587 21:19 24 Oct 2006

Are you 2 both getting the full aero experience with 64mb of video ram? Is everything transparent? when i said does your computer run aero i ment the full experience with atleast 128mb of v ram, but if yours is working fully with 64mb of vram how come mine isnt. Is it something to do with pexel shader 2.0

Please Reply i realy want to know about this.

  dth 22:09 24 Oct 2006

can I ask the question the other way - what does it look like if you can't get the benefit of the aero effect?

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