How to increase onboard vga?

  slktec 08:19 01 Sep 2009

I have intel 945G mother board.It has 256 onboard video memory.But it used 8 can i increase it?I'm using vista ultimate.

  Audio~~Chip 10:40 01 Sep 2009

I would look at upgrading the Memory from 256MB to as much as you can afford say 2GB max & fit a dedicated Graphics Card which in your case will be a AGP type.

Is your machine a HP, Packard Bell brand. Also which windows ? if you can post back which Mfr Make and Model of machine also would help to ident you system.

  bremner 14:06 01 Sep 2009

The 256Mb is the onboard graphic memory, slktec has not actual stated how much RAM they have.


How do you know it is only using 8MB of the graphic memory, I ask as I would think it unlikely that you would get any display at all if it was only using 8MB

  GaT7 15:03 01 Sep 2009

slktec, if it has 256Mb onboard graphics RAM, then the 8Mb figure is most likely the amount of system RAM it's also using.

Isn't the amount of system RAM used [by the graphics] at any given time automatically controlled by the system/applications being run? Anyway, there might be a feature in the graphics card software that will let it be changed manually to a set figure. Or, even by a setting in the BIOS, e.g. click here.

Audio~~Chip, an Intel 945G motherboard will mostly likely have PCI-E graphics click here. G

  GaT7 15:05 01 Sep 2009

Sorry, forgot to say that the more system RAM you allocate to the graphics (by software/BIOS), the less system RAM there will be available. G

  bremner 16:35 01 Sep 2009

All on board RAM is taken from the System RAM that is why for example on my Acer laptop with 512MB of RAM and 64 MB of onboard graphics Windows Properties only shows 448MB of RAM.

I am not aware of a computer with onboard graphics that allows the user to allocate even more system RAM to the graphics. You can often go into the BIOS and reduce the amount of RAM from its maximum allocated to onboard video.

  slktec 06:12 02 Sep 2009

I have 2 GB Ram.Intel graphics media accelerator shows it using 8 mb.At bios settings,they didn't show 256 mb memory to change.I changed it to 128mb.After that,IGMA shows using memory 90mb.

I used Google sketchup. When I render something,IGMA shows more MBs for using graphics memory.

So I think my problem is solved.They have standby 256MB memory.When the program want more V. memory,they use it.

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