How do you slow down the latest speedy hardware?

  TalYasis 15:58 31 May 2007

Answer - use the latest software.

Recently I have been working with and building many new computers.The problem is when you install Vista it suddenly turns the latest computers into dated ones.Granted they look flashy.Plenty of Ram is installed.

I have used many tweaks and switched many 'not needed' services off but the only way for these computers to fulfill their true potential is to install XP.

I still use an AMD Athlon XP3200 barton core pc and it runs far better than most of the latest Vista ones.It's just a pity the hardware producers don't produce the software as well.

  Kate B 16:05 31 May 2007

Mine runs faster under Vista. How much ram have you got?

  anskyber 16:08 31 May 2007

Mine also runs faster under Vista, boot and shutdown being particularly fast.

  TalYasis 16:57 31 May 2007

Ram is not an issue with most having 2Gbs installed which is ridiculous considering the advances in cpu's and motherboard power.

This may help some click here

The solution is for a leaner and more modular software really.

  Kate B 17:07 31 May 2007

So go ahead and write a better OS; or use Linux. People have mixed experiences of Vista - some, like me and anskyber, find it faster, some have had problems with it. Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose.

  TalYasis 17:32 31 May 2007

I'm sure many who use Vista it in it's most basic form for surfing,e-mails and Word may very well be over the moon.
However,for the more advanced user it certainly ain't giving us vavaboom!

  Kate B 17:40 31 May 2007

well, I'd consider myself an "advanced user" adn I'm over the moon with it. I'd also consider anskyber and the FE "advanced users", and they're both pretty happy with it, too. One's experience of it isn't based on expertise.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:05 31 May 2007

I have been using a friends' Vista computer for a lot of photo-editing. The computer has 1Gb of RAM and runs as fast if not faster than my own XP computer.


  TalYasis 18:08 31 May 2007

your XP "runs as fast ".
That's very interesting!

  Forum Editor 18:23 31 May 2007

many computers"

Congratulations, and welcome to the club. All you need now is a more extensive knowledge of operating systems, and you'll be one of us.

'The more advanced user' as you put it certainly isn't going to agree with someone who says "when you install Vista it suddenly turns the latest computers into dated ones". I suggest that you go back to the drawing board if most of your many computers are running with 2Gb of RAM and still don't 'fulfil their true potential'. How do you know what their true potential is, anyway - which benchmarking application are you using?

Oh, and by the way - next time please post a thread like this in the Vista forum.

  Totally-braindead 18:32 31 May 2007

I didn't run it long enough to decide before reverting to XP, it certainly appeared to boot up quicker and shut down faster but as to the rest I don't know.
I'm happy on XP and since I have my free upgrade to Vista disk I will try it again later on down the line.

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