How do you do a Vista repair?

  Totally-braindead 20:37 01 Oct 2007

Friend f mine has got a laptop running Vista and the windows calendar is failing to start up. Its a bit odd as it says its failed to start but you carry on and check it and it appears to be running normally.
I thought perhaps it might be a corrupted windows file but was looking for some advice on how to repair it. I know how to fix XP but not Vista.
Its made a bit more complicated in that he hasn't got a windows disk and I think windows is in a hidden partition but also have no idea as to how to get into that either, its an Evesham laptop if thats any help. Emailed them a few days ago but no reply as yet, not even sure if they are still going as Evesham went bust a couple of months ago and Time I think bought them over.
Any help appreciated.

  skidzy 21:20 01 Oct 2007

Hi Totally-braindead

On my Vista machine with the os preinstalled (not Evesham) tapping F11 on startup (possibly different key for you) gets me into the recovery partition.

Here i have three options;

Repair the installation
Recover without data loss
Factory reset the os

Not exactly worded correctly but along those lines.
I have tried these when i first got the machine and all worked ok,though now if i get a problem,i use the ATI image or the recovery disc i created if ATI fails.

I would look at possibly the F10/F11 keys on startup and go from there.

Can you see the hidden partition from Disk Management ?

Might be something here to help click here

  skidzy 21:54 01 Oct 2007

Just another thought TB,if your friend has updated recently with the MS updates,one of the features of the reliability pack is to address the flaky Vista calender.

Maybe worth checking if its upto date.

Some info click here

  Quiller. 22:43 01 Oct 2007

try a sfc click here

Normally to repair vista you pop in the cd and boot. On one of the first splash screens you get the option to:-

repair your computer

Unfortunately you have no vista disk. they should be an option to burn a vista disk.

  skidzy 23:35 01 Oct 2007

Just been playing around with my Vista TB.

If you boot into safemode (F8) at the top of the page is an option to repair,this if the os is preinstalled.

Once selected,various options availble.

  Totally-braindead 22:35 02 Oct 2007

Thank you both will give it a try when my friend gets back from his hols at the end of the week.

  modelflyer 17:31 03 Oct 2007

Agree with skidzy about windows updates. I had constant problems with Calendar until recently when one of the reliablity updates was installed. Since then it has been stable and reliable (he says touching wood!).

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