How do I revert to Vista

  PAE 18:01 10 Dec 2009

I have too many programmes that are not working in Win 7 so I am thinking of reverting back to Vist until more progress in providing drivers etc. Can I do it from the Windows old folder that was created when I upgraded or is it a clear out and clean reload?

  PAE 18:14 10 Dec 2009

I forgot to mention loading Flight Simulator FSX has reduced my Home Premium to Basic

  john bunyan 18:35 10 Dec 2009

Sorry to hear it. I had a dual boot XP/W7 for a couple of weeks and have just dumped XP. I did a clone of XP to a second drive and an Image to an external drive using Acronis true Image. So could use one of those to go back. Strongly reccomend this to others! In your case it looks like a "clean reinstall", but I would still make an inage of W7 in case you decide to go back to it again.I did ,and still do, keep all data on a seperate partition.

  PAE 14:41 12 Dec 2009

I have resolved the problem by dual booting between Vista and W7.

  john bunyan 18:19 12 Dec 2009

Watch out that when you launch Vista it may delete restore points in W7 - happened to me on XP/ W7 dual boot and needs a reg edit in Vista (see Google for how). Maybe yours is ok.You can run programmes in W7 in former modes, by the way.

  Zeppelyn 13:01 13 Dec 2009

Just to be clear Vista will not delete Win 7 restore points as they both use the same file system. This is only a problem when dual booting XP or earlier NT based OS.

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