How do i avoid Windows 7 recovery partition.

  Rob_08 17:23 20 Nov 2009

as my title suggests i really do not want W7 to create a recovery partition on my Hard drive.
What methods can i use to avoid the creation of it. ?
Thank you.

Sorry if this has been asked before !

  chub_tor 17:33 20 Nov 2009

Why do you think that Windows7 will create a recovery partition? As far as I am aware no partitions were changed on the four installations that I have done so far.

  ambra4 18:04 20 Nov 2009

“How do I avoid Windows 7 recovery partition”

When you install Windows 7 “It Do Not Create a Recovery Partition” on your hard drive

If you buy a Computer from an OEM supplier there will be a Recovery Partition on the hard drive

  Rob_08 18:35 20 Nov 2009

Seems i'm a little ahead of you guys here.

read this:

click here

See now ?

  chub_tor 18:50 20 Nov 2009

Well that's interesting, I have looked at my drive with Acronis Disk Director and can see no sign of a Recovery Partition, nor can I see a Recovery File even among the hidden files. Still what's 200Mb on a 1Tb drive.

  rdave13 18:59 20 Nov 2009

The answer is in your link.

  Pine Man 20:29 20 Nov 2009

..When I installed W7 cleanly on a drive that had previously been used for Vista I found the recovery partition and assumed it had been left over from Vista.

Sooooooo I loaded a partition manager and deleted the contents of the partition then removed the actual partition itself!!!

Not to worry everything seems to work ok - so far;-)

  Rob_08 21:54 20 Nov 2009

Hi and thanks guys/girls,

yeah i know the answer is in my link but it seems a bit fiddly, do i format with XP disk and then install W7 or what. ?
If i do it with W7 ( format) will i get the partition warning so i can cancel it ?
Im not 100% sure on this one at all. !

  T0SH 13:43 21 Nov 2009

Apparently the 200MB hidden partition Win 7 setup creates is used to store a copy of the drive boot sector and a few other files, I think it would also be brought into play if dynamic discs were initialised along similar lines to the 8MB reserved space that XP created for this purpose

Cheers HC

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