How to delete duplicate photos W 8 ?

  muddypaws 13:31 11 Apr 2013

My neighbour has a Toshiba W.8 laptop.

He has quite a few duplicate photos he/I want to delete for him.

If I go to 'Documents' there are no duplicates just the originals.

If I go to file folder they are all there, but there is no right click option to delete.

The only long winded way to do it is to open each duplicate, right click which enlarges the photo

with a delete button bottom left of screen.

After deleting I have to hit windows key, type 'F' and return to the files folder etc etc.

Short of d/loading a duplicate file finder ( which is the only means on the web I can find) is there

another way of doing it?

I am used to XP !!


  Woolwell 12:46 12 Apr 2013

I'm a bit puzzled by this. Photos should be in the Pictures library. In desktop view, click bottom left to open libraries and then photos. Are the photos duplicated in that?

I'm not sure what you mean by File folder? I think you mean file explorer.

Windows + F opens search.

I hope that all photos are back-up before deleting.

If duplicates are present in the photos library then it should be possible to select each duplicate by pressing ctrl and left click and then click on the delete icon or press the delete button.

  muddypaws 13:49 12 Apr 2013

Woolwell Thanks for your reply.

I haven't tried D/Top bottom left. Will look.

'I'm not sure what you mean by File folder? I think you mean file explorer.'

When I am on the 'Tiles/Start' screen as soon as I type the letter 'F' a list appears top right one of which is

'Files 168'. Clicking on that reveals the photos plus duplicates. They are not shown as 'copies' but some

are triplicated.

If on the start screen I type 'Documents' I can access the photos, but there is only one of each.

Somehow the file explorer has the extra photos.

Some days ago I think he did something as in 'file explorer there were a number actually marked 'Copy 1, Copy 2

etc. It was easy to delete those as there was a r/c option on each.

Your last para. looks promising.

Will come back later. He is in hospital for a day or two. I will try then.

I know it appears that I am trying to build an Ikea flat pack without reading the instructions first,!!

Everything else is all set up OK and he is getting used to it.

I will back up to usb stick, but I can always drag them back out of the 'bin'

Unless he accidentally empties it. (;-))


  AdinP 15:26 12 Apr 2013

Are you sure they are actual duplicates and not just temporary copies of the files? It all sounds weird. In any case, I'd give the computer a scan with a duplicate finder to see if it finds anything. Duplicate Photo Cleaner is good for photos.

  muddypaws 19:07 12 Apr 2013


I agree it is weird. I don't know.

W8 works differently to my XP!

Why/how would they be temporary copies?

They all have the same extension info. I haven't checked in their properties for any further info.

Job for the weekend as he appears to have come home.

Thanks for link.

  muddypaws 19:20 16 Apr 2013

Thanks for your help.

All sorted.

He had, unfortunately deleted most of them to the bin. So the few photo folders I had set up on the desk top

with relevant photos in were now empty. So re-stocked them from the 'bin'.

  markbun 21:34 10 Jun 2013

I have the same problem also, heres what I have used to delete numerous photos you could see the link for reference

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