How can I disable integrated parental controls

  Internetwhizzkid 09:23 02 Apr 2007

I have just recently upgraded my computer from of windows XP to Windows Vista, all seems to be very good however I have come across an annoyance that I will probably never use but is still asking me for correction.
This is the integrated parental controls, seeing that this computer is mine only and no other person uses it, I see no reason to restrict my access on the computer using the parental controls. I have been through a lot of the settings including the control panel and the user accounts but I cannot see an option in which to permanently disable it I can only see one button that asks me to configure access to all programs and specific websites.
Although I do not have parental controls I still get, and icon in my taskbar informing me that I must set an administrator’s password so that nobody else can disable it.
So does anybody know if they can help me in which to disable notifications for the parental controls and setting and administrators passwords.
Any help will be greatly appreciated

  pk46 14:10 02 Apr 2007

I cant't say i've had this problem have you set up an Administrators password??if not do so i am not aware that you can disable this in Vista but as i've just said it dosn't show up on my task bar.

  Internetwhizzkid 14:11 02 Apr 2007

does on mine maybe it only does in the ultimate version.? and no I have not got a password on the accounts and I dont want to really takes longer to log in etc


  anskyber 14:54 02 Apr 2007

The control is on all Home and ultimate versions of Vista.

It needs at least two accounts to work, ie the Admin Acc and one other. To disable it (if it is enabled) you must go into the Admin Acc and choose one of the other accounts from the accounts screen.

when in the other account the on/off choice for parental control may be selected, it's near the top left.

  Internetwhizzkid 15:10 02 Apr 2007

No what I mean is I have a new computer that has Windows Vista this computer is used by nobody except me, so I see no reason to block myself from accessing certain applications or web pages on my own computer.
And seeing that I have never ever go to use parental is what is the point having them running in the background. Although my access is not limited it’s still becomes an annoyance when you are asked to Specify a password for my user account. Possibly to restrict any passer by accessing my computer and turning off or changing the settings for the parental controls if set and enabled.
By thinking is I would rather see us have the ability to switch on the computer when I wake up in the morning go to the time it and come back five spent all my settings and desktop are loading fully, instead of having to wait for the computer to boot and then enter a password to gain access to my all my files.
I hope you can understand what I’m talking about and I hope you will be able to help me disable notifications on parental controls and not have to provide an administrator’s password to prevent unauthorized access.
As a matter of fact just as I remember now I am also receiving another notification again from the parental controls. This is to view activity reports why are these have been made when I do not use parental controls and I am the administration’s for the whole machine.
Again any help will be greatly appreciated on both of my issues regarding parental controls

  anskyber 15:41 02 Apr 2007

Hi. I hope I understand this correctly. Can I assume that there is more than one account you have set up for your machine?

With one user account Vista should log on automatically bypassing the logon screen. (assuming there is no account password.)

It is possible for auto log in on multiple accounts. From a command prompt type "control userpasswords" (with no inverted commas) which opens Advanced User Accounts.

On the Users tab clear "users must enter a user name and password to use this computer and click OK. The Automatically log on box appears. Type the user name for the account that you want to be logged on to each time you start your computer.

  Internetwhizzkid 15:47 02 Apr 2007

no there is only one user account and that is me, why is parental controls always coming up when i am the only user and i am the administrator



  CodenameCueball 12:16 03 Apr 2007

does it come up with someting like this,
click here
if so then its user account control not parental controls.

  Internetwhizzkid 12:17 03 Apr 2007

no ts just a notification in he taskbar

  CodenameCueball 12:19 03 Apr 2007

sorry then

  Internetwhizzkid 12:20 03 Apr 2007

no problem at least you did your best to help

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