How to back up Windows Mail folders?

  Pineman100 18:13 02 Dec 2007

My wife's laptop runs Vista Home Premium. She has a highly complex setup of folders in which she files her incoming and outgoing emails, as well as contacts, etc.

She is terrified of losing all this data, and would like to be able to back it up regularly.

Can anyone please recommend a simple Windows Mail backup procedure? I've searched Microsoft Support without success.

  anskyber 18:23 02 Dec 2007

Have you got Acronis?

  skidzy 18:25 02 Dec 2007
  Pineman100 19:01 02 Dec 2007

Skidzy - some useful links there, thank you. I'll have to see how confident my wife is about the suggested procedures. She's not at all "techie" with computers, and a bit scared of them!

Anskyber - I've got Acronis on my desktop (with networks wirelessly with her laptop). I use it to image my hard drive to an external USB drive.

This probably sounds stupid, but it had never occurred to me to try and image my wife's HDD to the same external drive, with Acronis, via the wireless network. Would this work? Would there be any dangers in having two different system images on the same drive?

Thanks again for the responses.

  anskyber 19:14 02 Dec 2007

To be honest I do not know. as far as I am aware it will not work over a network. If the program was on her machine I imagine if you partitioned the external drive you could direct the different images to the different partitions, but I cannot be sure.

  anskyber 19:19 02 Dec 2007

I should add that I have assumed you have the Home version and not the corporate network version.

  brundle 19:37 02 Dec 2007

Use Syncback and archive the I:\Users\*account name*\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\ folder, and also the Contacts folder. click here
Export the account information to back that up too.

  brundle 21:07 02 Dec 2007

or C:\Users\ etc, as is more likely..

  Pineman100 18:29 03 Dec 2007

Anskyber - yes, she uses Vista Home Premium.

Brundle - that's looking like a fairly straightforward process, which my wife might be able to cope with. Would it be just as effective for her to copy that folder across our network on to my C: drive? It would then be backed up whenever I image the drive with Acronis.

Sorry - I'm not sure what you mean by the account information. Do you mean her email account details?

  brundle 22:20 03 Dec 2007

Yes you could do it that way, Syncback can be run on a schedule though which might be more useful, plus Vista generally discourages access to folders that deep in the file-system - lots of clicking OK/Yes/Continue buttons at UAC requesters.
And yes, I did mean the email account details - only needs exporting once.

  Pineman100 10:38 04 Dec 2007

Well, thanks very much to everyone. I think I've now got a variety of approaches to the problem that I can talk over with Mrs P, to see which she favours.

Thanks again.

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