How to add "Find" (Ctrl+F) to the context menu?

  John Dohe 01:51 18 Oct 2017


I want to add "Find" (Ctrl+F) (Menu bar > Edit > Find) to the right-click context menu of my Windows 7 Pro pc.

I want to be able to select some text, right-click on that selected text, and have "Find" appear as one of the options to then left-click on.

And after I've left-clicked on "Find" in that context menu I want the actual "Find" popup window to appear (i.e., what happens when you press the Ctrl+F keys) with my selected text pasted into its search window and the "found" numbers of text indicated and highlighted in the body of the page. All I need do then is to click the up or down caret, or press enter, to move the focus to the next found text.

My goal is eliminate the tedious and repetitious doubleclicking to select text, then keying Ctrl+C to copy the selected text, Ctrl+F to open Find, and Ctrl+V to paste my copied text into Find's search field.

I'm using Firefox 56.0 (64-bit).

Anyone know of a way to accomplish adding "Find" to the context menu?


  Jollyjohn 08:08 18 Oct 2017

I highlighted the word text at the start of your post.

Ctrl + F - opened a bar along bottom of screen.

Pressed enter the used F3 to jump to next occurence of the word text - is this what you want to do?

  BrianMartin 08:44 27 Oct 2017

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  Peter~24 17:12 27 Oct 2017

I think it might be best to take care and not click on the links in BrianMartin's post. The look like spam or possibly worse!


  John Dohe 21:04 27 Oct 2017

@ JollyJohn

Not exactly.

I want that behavior, but I want the Ctrl+F function to be available as a context menu option.


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