horrendous boot times

  Why wont it work 12:33 19 Apr 2007

Is anyone else suffering really very bad boot times? My laptop which I upgraded yesterday takes 4-5 mins to load... which certainly is not ideal. My brother's laptop though, which I consider top of the range (Core 2 Duo 2ghz, 2gb ram, radeon x1700 etc) is taking 10-15 mins or so, in fact as I type it still hasn't loaded the sidebar. I have tried to reinstall windows, and have purged msconfig etc, tried latest drivers but it's still taking a rediculious amount of time. Does anyone have any ideas? As its a laptop, leaving it on standby/ hibernate isn't exactly very good for the old battery... Thanks

  Kate B 12:35 19 Apr 2007

No problems here, Vista boots very fast for me.

  Why wont it work 12:44 19 Apr 2007

I suspect that Vista does not run very well on 5400rpm hard drives (sadly the standard for laptops). Strangely Vista gives my lappys hard drive a higher rating than my desktop which is running vista rc1.. which has a 10000rpm raptor and boots up in less than a min.

Just wondering if anyone else has found this, laptops in particular suffer under vista (in terms of bootup / shutdown)

  Kate B 15:15 19 Apr 2007

I doubt that's the problem. Is it searching for a bootable OS in places other than the HDD - ie has it got, say, first boot floppy, second boot optical drive in the bios?

  BurrWalnut 15:33 19 Apr 2007

It could a scheduled AV scan at boot up or still indexing if the computer is really new.

Have a look in Event Viewer for driver misloading.

Also, try Microsoft’s new version of Process Explorer. There is an explanation and a link to Microsoft’s site click here
The download site itself is click here

  tullie 15:41 19 Apr 2007

Ditch the sidebar for a start,you can allways open it later

  Why wont it work 15:42 19 Apr 2007

HDD is the first boot device, and there is no AV set to scan at start up.

  Why wont it work 15:51 19 Apr 2007

opps hadn't finished writing...

It's just taken 17 minutes for the laptop to stop 'thinking' upon bootup. To be honest I think I will just have to go back to XP, at least that works. From Googling the problem (and even a recent news article here) it is affecting other people and is a problem with vista itself. Whilst I would like to think its drivers, I doubt it.

I find it sad that I was able to put XP on my 10 1/2 year old 500mhz workstation (good ol' Dell precision 610MT) and that is able to run it very quickly. Yet now a brand new v. good spec system stuggles very badly with a new operating system. Still any more ideas would be great, and if I work out the answer, i'll tell you too!

  Jimmy14 16:57 19 Apr 2007

I have a Acer laptop which I bought in December 2005. It boots Vista Home Premium in 30 seconds. It is 5400rpm, 1Gb RAM and a Centrino Processor. Gladly all the companies have provided the latest Vista drivers for this laptop.

Why wont it work,
Go into the Windows Update Settings in Vista via control panel. Set it to check for updates every week instead of its normal every day. It checks for updates every time you log on to Vista if your internet is enabled and takes a lot of cpu usage. I changed it from daily to weekly as their isn't updates released every day. Take tullies advice and go into the sidebar properties and untick "start sidebar at startup". Type "msconfig" into the start menu search bar and when it loads click "Startup" on the top tabs. Many startup items are there ticked. It would be a help if you could print screen the startup tab on msconfig as regular programs such as Adobe Reader, Quicktime and I-tunes use a lot of hard disk activity booting into Vista and as you dont need them right away you can disable them. Also go to the windows sign (start button) and click computer. Right click your local disk hard drive which is probably C and click properties. Click the tools tab at the top and 2nd down click defragment now. Windows Defragmenter will appear and make sure the "Run Schedule" is ticked. Select a suitable time to defragment whether it be daily, weekly or monthly. Click defragment now and possibly leave the computer alone while it does this. I will wait for your startup items on msconfig before I go further.

  Why wont it work 12:06 20 Apr 2007

click here

I have Diskeeper 2007 and regularly defrag, so that shouldn't be a problem. I have also disabled unecessary startup services too (remote registry etc) in an attempt to solve things. I have tried getting rid of the sidebar, it makes no noticable impact on startup time. Thanks

  Why wont it work 16:19 20 Apr 2007

I think I will have to admit defeat. My installation for the 2nd time must be corrupt, as with the fist installation it has...

a) the option to ready boost simply does not exist... (on numerous drives which have worked with it fine) As in, you plug in a drive, or right click it and there is no option of readyboost at all.
b) takes forever to boot
c) system restore claims it isn't installed
d) volume won't increase/decrease
e) recycle bin no longer exists - or rather it's an error
f) every update so far has failed to install

All works wonders under XP though...

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