home premium to ultimate?

  [email protected] 10:06 22 Jul 2007

morning i was just looking through the vista welcome centre, anytime upgrade differences between hp and ultimate and the first difference (possible the only one thats interests me) says:
'support for high end applications, ultimate supports 2 cpus with 128 gb ram' or something similar. i dont understand this i thought vista offered very good use of dual cpus anyway, or am i misunderstanding this, in short would a 6000x2 with 4 gb ddr2 dual channel ram play games quicker?
accordling to nvidia microsoft have found a memory accessing problem which many were blaming on nvidia and it now seems m/s are looking for solutions (it all seems very non technical on the nvidia forums but i think its something to do with this click here)
so my question is would games run properly with a £128 pound m/s update, meaning m/s have now had over £400 from this particular mug in the past 11 months!
many thanks adam
ps i dont really want it, if there shall be no noticable change.

  crosstrainer 10:15 22 Jul 2007

I don't thinks this is going to make a lot of difference to your perfomance at the moment. By the time fully DX10 games hit the market, MS will have address the memory problems in Vista premium via SP1 (which we all get for free anyway)

Using DX10 to full advantage means the GTX series of cards, so I would wait.

  [email protected] 10:18 22 Jul 2007

hi, i have gtx on my xp pc, which may one day see vista again. so on my current vista testbed pc you dont think there would be a noticable diffence with the upgrade?
thanks for the reply

  [email protected] 10:27 22 Jul 2007

i have also noticed with xp an overclocked gts seems to perform the same as a gtx on a 2.9 grz 5200x2 at half the price, is this a different case with dx 10?

  crosstrainer 10:32 22 Jul 2007

I have 2 gtx cards running Vista home premium...the gts is the poorer relation without a doubt, but saying that, driver support is still very flaky.

Since the only DX10 capable game I own (the new MS flight sim) Is installed on my other PC running XP, I'm not in a rush to do anything else at the moment.

A lot of my old games which I still play, will not runn at all on this monster, so I keep XP on the other PC (2x 7900gt cards) for them.

I doubt the overclocking claims...The GTX880 is the top at the mo, although others may disagree.

  crosstrainer 10:33 22 Jul 2007


  Pine Man 11:11 22 Jul 2007

'MS will have address the memory problems in Vista premium via SP1'

Fact or wishful thinking crosstrainer? ;-)

  crosstrainer 11:16 22 Jul 2007

We can only live in hope, but they are aware of it:)

  Pine Man 11:29 22 Jul 2007

Good news - I hope. I have got 4GB in my PC but only 3GB is recognised :-(

  crosstrainer 11:31 22 Jul 2007

Might be sticking my head on the block, but THAT ONE they must resolve, I want to double the ram in mine, but pointless at the moment.

  Pine Man 11:35 22 Jul 2007

Works for me - you stick YOUR head on the block and I'll watch this space!

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