Home Premium 32bit and Windows Media Player

  avesnes1 21:57 16 Feb 2010

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem:-

After having played a few music tracks using the Media Player (not the Media Center), I closed the Player. I then immediately tried to re-open it using the task bar icon with no effect. I then tried "Start>All Programs>Windows Media Player", again with no effect.

Only by restarting Windows 7 could I then load the Player.

It's obviously not critical, but I would appreciate members' comments or guidance.
Thanks in advance for any replies.

  avesnes1 22:31 16 Feb 2010

Just to add to my confusion:-

Having restarted and being able to load the Player, I closed the Player and loaded the Media Center in order to have a look around. I did nothing other than look at all the menu options just to get a feel of the application.

I then closed the Media Center and tried to load the Player - it would not load - just like in my first posting above. It's all very strange.

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