help with windows 8 installation.

  Nemi 14:20 29 Sep 2013

hi i just got a custom made computer, and am currently trying to install windows 8 on it. problem is that there was no previous IOS on it. clean slate so to say, and despite me having plugged in my old screen nothing shows up on it,it just says " no signal input" so i´ve got no idea if it´s actually installing or not. is that normal?

  Secret-Squirrel 14:31 29 Sep 2013

"is that normal?"

No, there should be something on the screen.

Look at the back of the PC for a second identical monitor port. If there is one then try that.

  Nemi 15:02 29 Sep 2013

secret-squirrel, i did as you said, and now something shows up on the screen. thank you so much.

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