Help with vista upgrade!!!

  stoner99 18:07 21 Jun 2007

ok im not dumb but i do think this is a dumb question. I just recieved the hp express vista upgrade driver disk and vista disc. my laptop is new with a only a few personal files on it. everyone says to do the custom or clean install instead of th upgrade but if i do this will i not lose all the programs that come on the laptop from hp. ex. the cd burning software, quicken, ms office and stuff like that. if i do the clean install all that will be on the hard drive is vista itself and nothing else right? i wnat to keep quicken and ms office. i have made the system recovery disks so i can also run them and get everything back right?

  anskyber 19:29 21 Jun 2007

Run the Vista upgrade advisor, if you have not I'll post the link later. If keeping your programs and settings is the most important thing to you then only an upgrade will do the job.

A clean install will give you Vista, and there are some advantages to a clean install, but you will need to reinstall all your programs and settings and files. I did an up grade and it went well.

I do not know quicken but it's worth looking at the web site for it to see if it's Vista compliant.

How old is your laptop, how many extra programs have you added?

  anskyber 19:30 21 Jun 2007
  stoner99 19:38 21 Jun 2007

i got it at christmas. i dont have many programs on it, the advisor says just nero 7 wont wwork. i was wondering about the programs that came on the computer from the factory. i have not put many programs on the laptop yet.

  anskyber 19:47 21 Jun 2007

If it's that new then the chances are it should be fine.

A couple of things, if you have anything important on it like the photo of your aunts golden wedding anniversary, back up the files, say to a CD just in case. disable or uninstall anything in doubt. Sit tight during the upgrade, it can take up to 2 hours and there are long pauses and some reboots.

Pray, a little ( no ignore that!), it will be fine. Make sure if you can you have an active internet connection at the time. Vista goes online during the process to find updates including drivers for you.

If the up date fails it will role back to XP for you.

  stoner99 12:45 22 Jun 2007

ok t tried to ugrpade it and followed the disk directions to a tee. after i flashed the bios i put in the vista cd and booted from the cd when it came up it only gave me the custom install the upgrade optionwas grayed out. so i backed out of it bacause it was saying i should find out what bit is should use 32 or 64?

  anskyber 12:56 22 Jun 2007

If the upgrade was not available it is possible tha the version of XP you have will only clean install. Here's the upgrade matrix. click here

Most people install the 32bit version because there is more flexibility with the availability of drivers.

  IntoPCs 14:23 22 Jun 2007

I may be wrong, but if you are upgrading don't you do it from within XP? ie don't boot to CD just load the Vista disc while XP is running

  IntoPCs 14:30 22 Jun 2007
  stoner99 04:58 23 Jun 2007

what is the difference in the 32 and 64 bit. is 64 really better?

  anskyber 10:38 23 Jun 2007

64 bit better? Possibly. Obviously you need the hardware which is 64 bit capable. In simple terms the PC will handle more "bits" of information in a given time frame. The benefit is theoretical speed in the perfect world.

At the moment the world is not perfect and current drawbacks are there are fewer programs which are designed to use the benefit of 64bit. The other more practical issue is the way vista has been set up for 64bit with drivers.

32bit Vista will accept an unsigned driver, not all drivers even from reliable and reputable places are signed, manufacturers do not always want to go through the process of authentication.

64bit on the other hand will only accept signed drivers and there are many fewer of them around. to a degree therefore a 64bit Vista machine, at this time, is hampered and potentially less useful.

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