Help with Sony Erricson CD..not conpatiable!

  pinkppl 13:42 17 May 2007

The cd is not conpatiable with vista (& nor is anything else I try!) How do I get it so it is?!!!
Please could someone help?!

  Genius1 13:47 17 May 2007

Can you be a bit more specific about the problems you're having?

  pinkppl 14:10 17 May 2007

when I put the disk in to instal it says that its not compatiable with vista. It searchs for solutions but just says to check the Erricson support page. On there I haven't found any help with it. Also I have contacted them but had no reply.
It will install the icon thats it!
message from vista- This problem was caused by a compatibility issue between Windows Vista and this version of Sony Ericsson PC Suite 1.7.10. This program was created by Sony Ericsson.



Contact Sony Ericsson about upgrades or other possible solutions to help make this program compatible with this version of Windows.

Thats about as much as I can write!

  Totally-braindead 14:25 17 May 2007

If theres not an upgraded version of the software on the Sony Ericson website then you'll probably have to wait until there is one created.
Selct you phone and see if theres an update click here

  Tempest1 15:08 19 May 2007

As of yet they have not produced a Vista compatible driver. If you want to sync your phone a good program is myPhoneExplorer, works visa bluetooth and has no problems transferring any data.

  J B 18:23 19 May 2007

According to this site click here the sony ericsson software is not compatible and it doesn't look like they will put out a fix for it. Have a look at this click here scroll down to the reply from "tlionhart" about 12 items down. Also, there is software for your phone here click here Hope this helps. J.B.

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