help, no sound from speakers.

  curlyboy 16:06 05 Feb 2014

Hi there, Not getting any sound from speakers. Just swopped over from Xp to windows 7, the speakers work on Xp, do i need different ones for 7? not upgrade different tower with 7 on, every thing else ok. Thanks.

  wee eddie 16:32 05 Feb 2014

Plugged in and turned on?

  curlyboy 17:03 05 Feb 2014

Plugged in ,yes. what do you mean by turned on? excuse my ignorance, and thanks for your answer.

  wee eddie 17:20 05 Feb 2014

Many Speaker sets require a separate Power Source and have a Power Switch.

Murphy's Law has it that that after you have investigate everything that might be wrong, try the Power Switch.

Also, try plugging a set of headphones into the PC's Socket to see if there is a signal there.

  Menzie 19:06 05 Feb 2014

Are they regular PC speakers or USB models? If they happen to be USB speakers they would require drivers which you should be able to get from the manufacturers website.

  curlyboy 09:32 06 Feb 2014

Thanks for your answers--- they were older regular speakers with there own power supply. I checked the on off switched {as advised] and plug-- no power, have now purchased a new set of USB ones witch are working ok,Many thanks again.

  phillybeans 03:15 09 Feb 2014

I have a simple solution.

If there is have no sound on your PC/laptop after using a USB headphone follow this simple step to correct this problem. Connect a standard headphone to the speaker jack. Test the sound and then remove the plug. The sound on your PC/laptop will be restored. It will happen again when you use the USB headphone and you will have to repeat the process to correct it.

I suspect a fix is probably needed from Microsoft to correct this problem on PC/laptops running Windows 7 and 8.

Regards, /...philly:)

  Podracer 16:52 09 Feb 2014

I have exactly the same initial problem as Curlyboy; updated from XP to 7 (and the speakers were working fine with XP), but no sound now.

Speakers are plugged into the headphone socket (and, yes, power is on etc, and all the volume controls (on Win Media Player, the computer and the speakers) are turned up). The speakers work fine on another computer, and even if I connect other speakers to the 7 computer, I still get no sound.

The computer has a "5.1 High Definition 6 channel audio codec (on-board)"; I have looked in Device Manager, and that claims that the drivers are up to date.

The "volume meter" in Media Player certainly indicates that music is playing, and I can adjust the apparent volume, but still get no sound.

Any thoughts to get sound back would be much appreciated.

  alanrwood 20:26 15 Feb 2014

Click on the little speaker icon in the Notification area and pick "Playback Devices". Make sure that your speakers are set as the default device.

Also check that the speakers are connected to the correct sockets (Front or Rear.

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