help needed with installing XP over Vista, thanks

  rickf 21:25 26 Mar 2009

I am installing XP and getting rid of Vista. I have all the xp drivers for my laptop saved on DVD. My questions are 1) Do I save them on a partition in Vista now before installing XP new disc? or 2) Leave them on DVD and install XP, then install the drivers from DVD? Bearing in mind that this is a full set of XP drivers for my laptop model and would include the chipset drivers.
THanks Help urgent as XP disc arriving tomorrow

  Forum Editor 22:43 26 Mar 2009

option number 2.

  Ashrich 23:42 28 Mar 2009

Don't try just installing XP over Vista , remove it totally first , then run the XP install , Vista won't allow this type of " downgrade " .


  Forum Editor 08:54 29 Mar 2009

whether your laptop is new, and came with Vista preinstalled, or whether you upgraded an existing XP installation.

The fact that you have the XP drivers saved on a DVD leads me to think that you upgraded, in which case the procedure for reverting to XP is slightly different.

I suggest that you click here and follow the instructions you'll find.

  rickf 10:50 29 Mar 2009

Thanks. It's a fairly new Acer 5920G came with Vista Premium preinstalled. Igot all the xp drivers for this specific model from the web. I am assuming that I can delete/format the partition (C) with Vista w/in XP as per normal. Any more info appreciated as I don't want to get into probs if at all poss.

  canarieslover 13:30 29 Mar 2009

If it still in warranty be aware of what I found on another forum, "hihi... sorry for replying late... Yup... managed to get my friend to downgrade it from Vista to XP on my 5920G... However, yesterday there was some problem over it... And when I bring to Acer, they pre-load back to Vista... =( Now I need help again in formating back to XP =Pls Can any 1 help me out? I thought of installing XP on my external HDD. Will it be possible? If can't then I will want to keep my Vista, + installing XP too. Which means creating a 2nd boot up. Any advise on going about it?"
That means that if you have a problem with the machine then Acer will put the drive back to Vista. Why not get a new hard drive to install XP to, and then you have your Vista drive ready to go back if there is a problem with XP on the machine. It will at least save the expense of a fresh Vista disk if you have wiped your recover partition and you can always put the drive in a caddy for back-ups later.

  rickf 13:57 29 Mar 2009

Hi canarieslover,
Thanks for your input. I am just not sure if a new H/D will work in a straghtforward way. Surely, it also depends on the M/B? Have you done it?

  canarieslover 18:19 29 Mar 2009

Yes I have put a new drive into a computer to do it, but not in that particular model, but you should be able to get a compatible hard drive easily enough. You can't downgrade from Vista without wiping the drive anyway so starting with a new drive will leave you with a fall-back to Vista without any great loss in computing time. My major concern would be that XP should be able to see the SATA hard drive, which it should if it is an install disk with sp2 or sp3.

  rickf 20:19 29 Mar 2009

that's good to know. my exact worry was that xp would not see the drive which was why I got all the drivers b4 hand. That's the route I'll try 1st now. If not I have several other options including streaming and making an XP bootable CD.
again. will post back for others in the same predicament when all has come to past.

  rickf 12:27 05 Apr 2009

sorted. all went well.

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