help me plz before i throw my comp threw the windo

  jamesymc 21:07 11 Nov 2008

what it is i downloaded something and now when i turn on my pc it shows me a picture of the world trade centre,which i thought as soon as i seen it virus,but it goes off and says windows didnt shut down propally and gives option to start normally or safe mode it comes on in safe mode but wont start normally i dont get any messages but its as if its started but no picture

  skidzy 21:36 11 Nov 2008

Can you boot into safemode ?

If so,select startup repair.This will give you an option for system restore,select this and go back to a time before you downloaded the file in question.

Alternatively,download MBAM from a working computer and save to flashdrive or disc click here boot into safemode and run the program.

  jamesymc 01:44 12 Nov 2008

ive tried safemode and system restore but is safemode repair whats that but im sure ive done it says its done system restore but when it boots again it says windows was not shut down properly and gives me them options again it is seriously getting on my nerves whats a vista repair disk or and it wont let me install another version of windows wont let me format the hd and if i go to click on an antivirus it restarts the comp same if i try and install vista

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