Help!!! (Did things i probably shouldnt have...)

  HaXoR_DB 22:51 24 Oct 2007

Hi I just got an acer comp and tried to get it too dual boot (computer came with vista) unfortunatly i did 2 things wrong first thing was i intalled xp and it got corrupted and so i reinstalled it. Second thing that happend was i deleted and formated the partition (using xp's partitioning program)(causing vistas partition to be unreadable)

oh and this computer never came with a vista install disc so i cant repair anything. i was wondering if there is a way to access acer's vista install (when i first booted the computer it came up with acer's vista install). So that i can repair the boot files cause now xp boots but cant read vistas hard drive (its not accesable from "My Computer" and the disc managment program says that it is unreadable/unformated)

please help (also is there a hotkey to bring up the install like with dell computers and thier ctrl F11 or w/e it is)

  crosstrainer 10:03 25 Oct 2007

If you have deleted the restore partition, it is unlikely you can recover it. Your only option is to return the machine and explain what you have done. Vista will need to be re-installed from the retailer / oem's copy

  topdude 13:06 25 Oct 2007

Whoops !! Sounds like one of those things that seemed a good idea at the start !!
Not too sure from your post but did you make the "Acer Factory Default Restore disc" when the PC first booted up ?
If so try pressing ALT-F10 with the disc in the drive as the PC boots up, if you are lucky it should prompt you to restore to factory defaults.
If not you could either do as crosstrainer suggested above or partition and format the hard drive and install XP instead from scratch.

  ventanas 14:11 25 Oct 2007

You create too many problems trying to install XP to a machine that already has Vista. The boot record just goes to pieces unless XP is on first, which was not so in your case. You will probably need a Vista DVD to repair the boot record for that OS.

Your best option is, as suggested by crosstrainer, to contact Acer and see if they can do anything. But remember the problems are of your own making, so they are likely to want paying for whatever they may be willing to do, even if it's only sending you a Vista DVD, and whether they can do that or not will depend on their OEM arrangements with Microsoft. If they won't help then (if you want Vista) you will have to buy a retail copy. If you don't want to do that (and they don't come cheap) then you have to make do with XP following topdude's method.

  crosstrainer 15:43 25 Oct 2007

You could buy an oem copy of Vista (you would also have to buy a bit of kit with it though) I sell Acer laptops, and am fairly sure they will send you a restore cd. Send them an email via:

click here

And see how you get on. Honesty is the best policy here..Eat a bit of humble pie, and explain that you made a mistake :)

  ventanas 17:08 25 Oct 2007

Sorry, but the method of buying OEM with a "qualifying item of hardware" was withdrawn by Microsoft about two years ago. It was abused too much. OEM is now only available to system builders as you probably know.

If Acer won't supply a DVD, then retail is the only way.

  crosstrainer 06:44 26 Oct 2007

Believe me, you still can!

  ventanas 08:54 26 Oct 2007

Can't find the actual wording from Microsoft now, but still have a link to a blog issued at the time. As far as I know nothing has changed for Vista.
click here

It was a waste of time anyway. Any item of non-peripheral hardware had to be installed and in use on the system that the OEM copy of Windows was installed on. So if it was a mouse say, and that mouse failed then Windows had to be uninstalled. The licence no-longer existed. I wonder how many actually did.

But I have always blamed Microsoft for any confusion.
They seem to revel in causing uncertainty. Its about time they made the facts plain for all.

  crosstrainer 09:15 26 Oct 2007

Area is a bit "grey" to say the least. It depends on the "piece of kit" in question.

A motherboard allows me to sell an oem copy of windows...Some (not me I hasten to add) oem's will sell you a copy if you buy a modem or router...this contravenes the rules, but it does go on.

I know of quite a few outfits in my area who still do this.

  HaXoR_DB 20:39 26 Oct 2007

I fixed it... I still had the system restore partition but i couldnt access it through xp so i formated all my partitions (using fdisk) then i used fdisk to to set my active partition to the system restore (it gave me an error the first time i tried it was error 0000000f or somthing like that lol. second time it worked) anyway i fixed it so ya (thank god the system restore partition was still there and xp's format only wrecked vista)

Thx for help lol

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