MR.DIY 23:38 07 May 2007

Since installing Vista Premium on to my Dell 5150 3gb ram 3.2 cpu. the hdd seems to be active long after windows is up and running and i mean up to 5 mins or more. It then settles down but then tonight after installing adobe 8 and updating it the hdd ran for maybe another 5 mins. any ideas why?

  stephen0205 16:39 12 May 2007

im sorry but i dont think anyone here understands what your saying,3gb of ram and 3.2ghz processor isnt the hard drive ( hdd ), what is your pc doing, the hard drive is running all the time along with the processor and the memory, they dont stop untuil the pc shuts down. Sorry if i have misunderstood but i think you should reword what you have written

  MR.DIY 17:09 12 May 2007

I was stating that there is plenty of ram (3gb) CPU isn't that slow (3.2). But after the windows (vista Premium) has loaded the HDD is still being read for about 5 further mins. Every one should know that the HDD is running all the time the PC is on ( unless you walk away from your PC for a length of time, longer then one you have set in the settings).Oh well don't bother i will put up with it for now. A part from that it worth i like Vista.

  [email protected] 17:27 12 May 2007

seems simple enough,i understood! there is an awful lot of hdd activity, there always seems to be something going on, its almost like its defragging after you do anything, i shouldnt worry about it i tried vista on 2 high end machines (one a brand new virgin) and they both did it so i dont think it's anything nasty, there's about about 40/50 processes going on as standard, and seems to be a lot of page file activity, this is what i keep asking, what is all this stuff going on? and for what reason, it's like running xp with 4 running programs while downloading something?
so sorry dont know what it is, just thought i'd put your mind at ease that your not the only one!

  MR.DIY 17:39 12 May 2007

Many thanks ADMAN 2, sorry if i was a little uncurtius with my 2nd post but..... just thought it was a little strange. Thanks again now i will close threat.

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