HD to SSD Win 7 transfer

  fpg 19:59 30 May 2012

Will MS permit transferring Win 7 HP from a HD to an SSD drive - any licence difficulties? I want to do a clean instal. My Win 7 is OEM and came with the new Medion PC as an upgrade disk from the installed Vista All advice would be appreciated

  KRONOS the First 08:47 31 May 2012

No you will have no problems, it might be necessary to activate via the phone as opposed to online but this is simple and free.

  fpg 17:49 02 Jun 2012

Thanks for advice - Win7 64bit now installed. The remaining issue is with tne Epson 1650 scanner it seems to have no driver that enables it for Win 7 64 bit. I guess that this is not new. fpg

  john bunyan 18:40 02 Jun 2012

See other thread . Many devices only have 32 bit drivers and work ok on 64 bit machines, see here and on other thread.

Epson Drivers

  fpg 21:22 02 Jun 2012

Thanks John but I had visited this Epson site and have downloaded other TWAIN drivers but without success. I also tried the 1670 driver. I have now made a separate posting on tnis issue of 64bit non-compat problems.

  KRONOS the First 07:08 03 Jun 2012

Try a Vista driver if there is one.

  fpg 20:00 03 Jun 2012

Thanks Chronus, yes tried Vista but it is the 64 bit aspect that is THE problem. (Or Epson killing off oldish scanners to create a new market and so they will not write the needed driver)

  fpg 20:09 03 Jun 2012

CORRECTION ! Not Epson in above post but Canon. But I think that 64 bit drivers are absent elswhere not just Canon.

  rdave13 23:19 03 Jun 2012

Have a look at the free version of VueScan9

  fpg 11:35 05 Jun 2012

Thanks to all - I have follwed many links and one has been a SUCCESS ! rdave13 your suggestion to visit Vuescan was very interesting. I downloaded the program and had an easy install. It worked without any problems. So if Vuescan can write a Win7 64 bit driver that works with old scanners (Canon 1650) it does raise questions re the non-customer support policies of the large manufactures. A happy ending and thanks to PCADVISOR also.

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