HD says it's full when it isn't

  ChasA 23:16 02 May 2015

My pc says I have used 177GB of HD space when I only have 4GB of programmes installed. How is this happening?

  northumbria61 05:58 03 May 2015

Take a lookHERE

I would run CCleaner first but then start doing a manual search of each folder in Safe-Mode as suggested in the link - what you are looking for is an unusually large file or files.

  alanrwood 09:35 03 May 2015

Space is not the same as usage. Space is what it says - space or maybe unused space.

What HDD have you fitted and how have you partitioned it. have you partitioned the whole drive and formatted all the partitions.

Open Control Panel/Admin Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management and look at how the drive has been organised.

I can't see that you are interpreting the information correctly and your description is not sufficiently specific or detailed to give a definitive response.

  ChasA 09:37 03 May 2015

There is some good advice in the link you sent me. Thanks for that

  john bunyan 10:14 03 May 2015

How many restore points do you have? I suggest removing all but the latest 2. Do it using CCleaner, Tools, System restore. Then highlight the old points, right click them press remove.

Have you configured the restore points volume?. Come back for advice if not. What Operating System?

  john bunyan 17:26 04 May 2015

Any results? Do send feedback to help others.

  nimnimgilbert 12:28 06 May 2015

This problem is very common.Your HD shows a message that its full when it’s actually not. Sometimes the hard drive space is reserved for out of filesystem operations such as system restore. If you want to free up some space you can do the following on a per-drive basis:

  1. Delete files using disk cleanup 2 reduce or disable System Restore
  2. reduce or disable the Recycling Bin
  3. reduce or disable the system page file

The More Options tab is available when you choose to clean files from all users on the computer. This tab includes two additional ways to free even more disk space:

Programs and Features: Uninstall unwanted Programs. System restore and Shadow Copies: Delete all but the most recent Restore Point.


There is a particular virus that installs into the user profile and duplicates everything so check you do not have this with a good Anti Virus solution. If you see 2 user profiles with the same name then you are infected.

  nimnimgilbert 12:31 06 May 2015

Have a look over here

  lotvic 13:56 06 May 2015

nimnimgilbert, seemingly a chocolate teapot.

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