having trouble with my Laptop

  sahmed22 21:13 05 Mar 2015

Hi, I'm having trouble with my Laptop, it seems to start freezing within 1-2 hours of usage due to disk + CPU consumption (100% consumption that is), which is why I thought that I should refresh my windows 8.1. I clicked on refresh and it said "Files are missing, your windows installation media or hard drive will provide these", but the thing is, I tried installing the windows 8.1 installation on my USB drive, with my key and everything but it said it couldn't connect to the internet, although my internet was working fine, I found out the reason for this was because my laptop originally came with windows 7, and because of that I am not able to refresh my laptop, so is there anyway around that? If there is please tell me as quick as possible. Thank you.

  xania 09:33 06 Mar 2015

If your laptop originally came with Windows 7, presumably you installed Windows 8 from a separately acquired installation DVD. You will need this before you can proceed.

  robin_x 11:42 06 Mar 2015

If you don't have a DVD or working Flash Recovery Drive, there are a couple of Microsoft pages that can help.

First, do you know if your License key is for W8 or W8.1?

(W7 may have been Upgraded to W8 then Updated to W8.1 or it may have been done straight to W8.1. It may affect what you Install or what options you get in the following.)

--- ---

Go to Control Panel > System and Security > System to double check information.

eg Which Edition you have, Standard, Pro or Enterprise and whether you are 32 bit or 64 bit.

Make a note of the information and keep in a safe place.

--- ---

You can Upgrade on-line.

In this case 'Upgrade' means 8.1 to 8.1.

Some people call it In-place Upgrade or be referred to as a Repair Install

"Upgrading Windows with only a product key"

--- ---

"Creating installation media for Windows 8.1"

The 'Media Creation Tool' downloads a fresh W8.1 and puts it on USB Flash

(or saves it on your hard drive, for later use, as a .iso Image file)

You could make a DVD from it, for example.

--- ---

When using these methods, to repair a system, DO NOT format the main drive and makes sure to keep existing files if the option comes up.

It's the equivalent of Refresh. Your Files are OK, but programs need to be reinstalled.

(Also Google How to make a Custom Refresh Image at some point in the future, when current problems are resolved)

--- ---

Note that Microsoft pages display differently, or are completely different pages, depending on which Windows you have installed.

They may also prevent you doing what you want to for Anti-piracy reasons.

I dunno why they bother, the Pirates aren't bothered by such measures.

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