Having to manually choose my OS

  Bradpeach 16:43 30 Dec 2014

On start up, i have to manually choose my operating system. I turn my PC on and it shows Gigabyte and I get a flash of a screen and It asks me to choose my operating system with the one choice of Windows 7. This screen is only up for about half a second so I have to spam Enter to get my computer to start up. If I let it run and don't touch anything, it will make a loop and just keep doing this process of about 7 seconds long.

Any Idea why it does this? Any idea on how to fix this problem?


  northumbria61 17:45 30 Dec 2014

If you have a Windows 7 Install Disk boot up with that in your DVD drive and choose Repair Your Computer

  Bradpeach 12:21 31 Dec 2014

I don't have that as it was a custom PC built for me, any other idea?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:11 31 Dec 2014

Tap F8 as it starts up and get into the Advanced tools menu - select REpir my computer - Startup repair.

  Bradpeach 10:28 02 Jan 2015

This didn't work either, any other ideas?

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