Have you forgotten XP?

  belfman 19:44 26 Feb 2008

I've been using Vista for so long now I've forgotten XP.

I used an XP base computer today for a couple of hours and it looked dated, was slow to things and I had general difficulty using it as I'd moved on from the old OS so long ago.

  skidzy 20:04 26 Feb 2008

" Have you forgotten XP "

No !

I have two machines with xp and xp pro,one test machine and the ever faithful Dell lappy.
Though my Vista machine is my main machine.

The kids all have xp machines ranging from pro/media center and home.

I read so much about the dislike of Vista and to be honest dont really understand all the comments.
Yes ive had a few issues with Vista in almost a year now,but nothing i cannot sort out myself or with the guidance from pca members.

Though im not a gamer, this is where Vista falls short....apparently !

I find Vista quicker in every department over my xp machines.

  ulrich 20:46 26 Feb 2008

I have forgotten Vista, maybe the next OS from Microsoft but not what's it called? Oh yes Vista, mind you there is a SP1 coming out, maybe it will be better or not.

  mrwoowoo 22:13 26 Feb 2008

I have only forgotten xp until i try run dance dance ejay 7 )O:!
Even in compatability mode it's a waste of space and no fix/patch yet.
No problems with the latest games at all,so overall quite happy.

  Forum Editor 22:43 26 Feb 2008

you get used to a new operating system version - provided you have no problems. I have also been using Vista for a long time - I tested the beta versions for about a year before it launched - and I've become used to it. I like it because it's given me no trouble, but not everyone has such an easy ride, and maybe I (and you) would feel differently under different circumstances.

  Coltch 08:46 27 Feb 2008

I haven't forgotten XP as I use it on my Laptop and as a dual boot option on my main machine (only because Creative's drivers are still not up to scratch for my X-Fi).

I've not had many problems with Vista and have been using it as a main OS since RC1 (BETA 2 was not very stable and was far to slow) only switching back to XP for certain apps/games that refuse to play nicely in Vista.

  Pine Man 11:40 27 Feb 2008

I had until a couple of days ago when I dug my old PC out to use an old bit of hardware that wasn't compatible with Vista.

Having tried XP again after nearly a year I was gobsmacked! It is a real pigs breakfast after Vista. I know I am probably one of the lucky ones that Vista works for - but thank god for that!

  Demora 14:03 27 Feb 2008

LOL....I had to find my old laptop from 2000 and that still had win 95 on it. (yes it still worked) it even has MsDOS 6.22 on it. (thats the only O/s I have problems remembering.

I'm not really bothered which operating system is better/faster. Just so long as it works. I have Vista, XP, 98 95 and Linux to choose from. All have their own flaws and good points.


  polish 17:42 27 Feb 2008

i havent forgotten it as i sort my sisters comp when needed but theres no comparison between them vista is miles better i have had the odd niggle but nothing major definetly less than with xp

  HighTower 21:14 29 Feb 2008

As far as I'm concerned XP has gone and will never be installed on a PC that I own again. Vista has been great for me and has just worked.

  belfman 09:55 01 Mar 2008

Could it be that when MS launched the scheme to give XP computer buyers the free upgrade to Vista it is how people became polarised against the OS? Not enough spec in their machines and they ended up being early adapters, not fully understanding what it means to be one? Driver issues and stuff.

MS always lists spec less than what most people would regard as minimum. For instance XP min RAM was 128mb but no one ever ran (or recommended to run) with that - realistically it was 512mb. This again happened with Vista, as in my opinion, MS set the bar on spec too low and the overheads too high.

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