Has anyone noticed

  Forum Editor 18:01 17 Feb 2007

that their computer seems to run faster since installing Vista?

  Kate B 18:16 17 Feb 2007

Can't say that I have, though I haven't tried anything particularly demanding with it yet such as Photoshop or a game. I'm not going to bother with any of my games until Nvidia bestirs itself to deliver SLI drivers *stamps feet*

  Forum Editor 18:44 17 Feb 2007

that since I installed the final release version my machines are performing better - particularly when online.

I'm sure it's not my imagination.

  Input Overload 19:20 17 Feb 2007

Yes I have, it boots faster, programs open faster such as MS Office PSP etc, and the whole Pc is faster & more responsive. I was expecting a slight performance fall as this Pc is a couple of years old but that hasn't happened, which is great.

  anskyber 19:22 17 Feb 2007

Yes a little. What I have noticed is a much quicker boot and very fast shut down.

It does seem to need the "learn" before it gets up to speed.

  sunny staines 19:36 17 Feb 2007

when running the beta rc1/rc2 as anskyber also internet a lot faster [biggest plus point]

opening & running programes no noticable differance

  a member 20:01 17 Feb 2007

I too noticed a difference while using Nikon capture NX , whilst waiting for the vista compatible version , I used the older xp version that is notoriousely slow from within XP yet I would say it processed files a good 20% faster using Vista. and yes it does seem faster online too .

  Totally-braindead 20:35 17 Feb 2007

This is very interesting from all that had been said about Vista and the resources it is meant to use I thought it would be considerably slower. Wonder how it does this.

  anskyber 20:44 17 Feb 2007

This will sound like a bonkers statement.

Vista may be heavy in it's demands, RAM, graphics card and so on. In practise it feels very light and nimble on it's feet. Difficult to put into words but the more I use it the more I think MS have designed a winner.

I am not predisposed to defend my own decisions if I have fouled up. On this occasion the only regret I have is having to accept some of my much loved programs (not many) may need to go.

But, then the very change is exciting a well.

  gudgulf 21:11 17 Feb 2007

Well I've not taken the plunge yet.....However I'm very tempted having tried the Beta version.

Think I'll wait for the drivers to be sorted out and and a few issues sorted out.

Especially one's related to speeding Vista up to it's advertised potential.

click here

A more objective comparison with Xp.

  powerless 21:27 17 Feb 2007

Umm forgive me, but Windows is always faster on a new install.

Wait until a few months when temp files and fragmentation comes into play.

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