Has anyone experienced problems

  Forum Editor 18:49 18 Oct 2006

with iTunes when using Vista RC2?

  Jimmy14 20:20 18 Oct 2006

no I have the new 7.0.1 version of I-tunes installed on RC2 and it's been fine even with me buying music and all the rest. Have you?

  Forum Editor 23:09 18 Oct 2006

I'm also running iTunes 7.0.1 in RC2, and I can't hear any of the tracks in my library. The RC2 feedback tool has identified a problem, has check with the Microsoft database, and has informed me that the problem has been fixed in the full release version of Vista.

I can fnd out more from a Microsoft beta newsgroup, but I wanted to know if anyone else had the same problem first. I suspect that in my case it's an Audigy2 sound card issue.

  sunny staines 15:56 19 Oct 2006

not got itunes but the audigy2 soundcard with creatives beta driver is ok with rc2

  Kate B 16:38 19 Oct 2006

iTunes 7x is dodgy, full stop. Are you getting hissing, crackling and jumping? There are loads of threads about it in the Apple support forums and I posted a thread about it here, too click here

  Forum Editor 18:14 19 Oct 2006

I'm not getting anything - no sound whatsoever, although I can see iTunes happily telling me that the track is playing.

If I go to the online store I can hear samples of around six or seven tracks before the sound suddenly dies on me. Close and restart iTunes and I can again hear a few samples. I can't hear tracks from my library at all.

If I fire up my G5 Powermac there's no problem at all.

  Forum Editor 18:20 19 Oct 2006

I'm downloading that Audigy2 beta driver for Vista - maybe it will help.

  Forum Editor 18:37 19 Oct 2006

the Audigy beta driver now installed, and iTunes is working perfectly. I wasn't aware of the Vista beta driver, and of course it hadn't occurred to me to check.

The power of the forum is demonstrated yet again!

  Kate B 19:58 19 Oct 2006

Glad you've got it sorted, Peter, and that you're not suffering the annoyances I'm still getting *scowls*

  Noelg23 13:52 20 Oct 2006

why would anyone even want to run iTunes on a PC? stick to the best media player ever WMP 11!!! but glad its working for you...altho u wont see me run iTunes on my PC...

  Forum Editor 18:04 20 Oct 2006

I assure you I have very good reasons for wanting to run iTunes - as do millions of other people. I use Windows Media Player 11 as well - in fact I was on the Microsoft beta panel for it - and I agree it's very good.

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