Graphics Card suitability

  montypuss 18:11 28 Feb 2007

Using the Vista advisor download, I find that the graphics card i run is suspect for use with Vista.

It is an ATi 9250 running via an AGP slot.

How can I upgrade if all the new cards are PCI express?
Thanks for any advice...

  Kate B 18:50 28 Feb 2007

You can still get AGP cards. Try Dabs, Komplett, Overclockers ...

  montypuss 20:08 28 Feb 2007

Kate B
Many thanks...
Yes, I realise that there are still some reasonable AGP cards which ought to be better than mine.....
but how do I check that they are fully Aero/Vista ready?


  ulrich 20:29 28 Feb 2007

Look at the graphics cards and then ask on this forum or other if anyone has the one uou are interested in, don't forget though you wont be able to use DX10.

  Totally-braindead 00:32 01 Mar 2007

And you will probably need a new power supply as well because more powerful cards take a direct power link from the power supply as well as what they can get from the slot.

  montypuss 10:55 01 Mar 2007

Many thanks all...I'll look in the usual places for the best AGP card I can find....

By the way, how do you know you are or are not getting the full "Aero experience" - to borrow a phrase from YKW..

  CodenameCueball 17:37 05 Mar 2007

try this if you want an agp aero thingy card:
click here

might work.

  montypuss 17:46 05 Mar 2007

Many thanks to CodenameCueball....
I was looking at MicroDirect's offer of ATi Radeon X1550 but it's dearer...
I've seen some articles recommending DirectX 10 to get the full Monty.. but the Vista box says Direct X 9 and shader 2... so your suggestion rates a good looking at.
Thnx. M

  a member 19:07 05 Mar 2007

I have recently fitted an ATI radeon x1650 pro AGP card , and it runs everything in vista , with the drivers that come with vista.
its still available at a few places , price around the £70 mark , maybe not good enough for some gamers , but a very respectable card .

  Coltch 08:47 06 Mar 2007

If you want the best AGP card at the moment, the ATi X1950 pro is the one to go for, if you prefer Nvidia then it would be the 7900GS.

Both are DX9c with shader model 3, and will run any game you throw at them.

  montypuss 09:37 06 Mar 2007

Thanks folks....
Very useful to have some actual Vista info.

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