getting rid of vista and reinstalling XP

  Daisy22 18:44 08 Nov 2009

I have acquired a E System laptop for our daughter, it is very slow despite trying to defrag so I suspect this is because it has vista.

Is it easy/how do I delete vista so I can install XP? The laptop is an E system - 3086 designed for XP although it says it is compatible for Vista.

Can I easily do this ? I would need a step by step instructions to print off and follow.


  Forum Editor 19:13 08 Nov 2009

If it's new, or fairly new, I wouldn't be so quick to assume that the speed issue is because of Vista.

A lot depends on what the hardware specification is, and whether it's a new machine, or one previously used by someone else. Provide that information and we can be more helpful.

  Daisy22 20:07 08 Nov 2009

hi again
No it's not a new computer.
Everything is slow about it, but I will try to give as much info about it as possible.

It only has one drive (c)which tells me that there is 16.7 gb free of 32.9 gb (that means nothing to me).

It has a RW/DVD drive.

It has hotkeys for email/internet/Wifi

It says it has 512MB DDRII 533 RAM

with an intel celeron M processor

Is that enough information to help?

  User-1229748 21:07 08 Nov 2009

you need to get some more ram,vista needs 2gig to run properly,but even if you were to add 1gig you would notice a vast difference

  User-1229748 21:09 08 Nov 2009

if you run this tool it will tell you what you need to getclick here

  Daisy22 07:23 09 Nov 2009

I would rather just delete Vista and put XP on

  ventanas 11:45 09 Nov 2009

Slow - I'm surprised it's running at all. Who said it was compatible with Vista? It hasn't got a chance with that spec. I would think even the Basic version would struggle.

To install XP you will need the relavant cd and all the drivers for the installed hardware, which should not be difficult to find.
You cannot use an XP disc if it is OEM, or one that is already installed to another computer.
However- does the laptop have it's own XP certificate, with a product key stuck to it - probably underneath? If so you can probably get away with using any existing disc you have, but using the key on the laptop.
You may also be lucky with some of the drivers, XP had a huge supply of them.
Having got everything together you will need to use the XP disc to format the hard drive (which will remove Vista) and install XP.
If you need to know how to do this post back.

  canarieslover 11:50 09 Nov 2009

Do you know if it has a recovery option? Many laptops have a hidden partition that is accessible to restore to ex-factory condition, ie you will lose all data but will have a clean install of XP and the drivers that were current when computer was new. I suspect it may be the case as the sizo of your hard drive is probably 40gb so would show as about 38gb formatted so indicates that there is 4gb - 5gb that you can't see.

  canarieslover 12:02 09 Nov 2009

I found this earlier posting about E Systems 3086. click here It appears that there should have been a recovery CD with the machine originally.

  Daisy22 13:33 09 Nov 2009

Sorry the link didn't work canarieslover.

I've checked the bottom of the laptop as suggested and it says on the label it is windows xp home edition with a licence key.

I have got an original XP disc but it will not have the same licence key - does this matter?

I don't know if it has another partition, with my other laptops you can see clearly there is always another drive, but this one only shows C drive.

From what little I know about MB/GB, am I reading this correct that the hard disk drive is ONLY 512 mb? Therefore, surely it is way too old now?

  ventanas 14:06 09 Nov 2009

No - the hdd is 50GB - small by today's standards, but still perfectly adequate.

The 512mb is your memory, again adequate for XP, but woefully low for Vista, as is the celeron processor.

It doesn't matter about licence keys being different. Use the disc that you have and input the key on the laptop case.

Do you know how to use the cd to format and and install XP?

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