Gaming and Vista

  Blitzer 12:11 09 Apr 2007

I'm looking at doing a major upgrade to one of my PC's with a view of making it premiarily a gaming machine. I'm aware there are issues with Vista with regards to drivers and games, but can anyone point me in the right direction for finding out if the games I currently have are compatible?

I don't particularly want to get XP again as I really want to move forward and intend to build the machine around the Intel E6600 processor and NVidia 8800GTX (possible 2 in SLI in future), if that gives you some idea of where I'm heading. Ideally I would have thought the 64bit version of Vista home premium would be the wisest choice long term with regards to performance etc. As I said though I'm aware there are problems with drivers and in particular those for the 64bit OS.

In a nutshell then...

1. Can anyone point me in the direction of lists of games that are know to work and/or have problems with Vista? I guess the same also applies for software in gernal thinking about it. :)

2. I'm after general info and advice with regards to know problems with regards to drivers.

Thanks in advance for you help.

  anskyber 12:38 09 Apr 2007
  Blitzer 12:31 10 Apr 2007

Thanks for that - most useful. :)

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