Games crashing

  Esso43 16:07 13 Jan 2008

Just about every game I play on my Vista machine crashes.

There doesn't seem to be a consistent time frame or apparent reason I am guessing there is some incompatibility between the 8800 gts graphics card and the OS but really don't understand this is happening all the time without exception.

If I try to run more than one programme the whole thing crashes.

Is there ny thing I can do to check what could be happening?

One game specific fix (The Witcher) suggested I do this: "BCDEDIT /set increaseUserVa 2800" at the command prompt. Aparently the default is 2048. The comments suggest that the bigger the graphics memory the bigger the number. But I do not know what this does nor the implications for other games/software. Nor is it clear to me how I put the default back.

Anybody know how to put teh default back?, Anybody know what thsi si doing and why it might eb set at the default in the first place? Any suggestions welcome?

  Esso43 16:08 13 Jan 2008

forgot to mention the vista version is home prem.

  Totally-braindead 15:22 14 Jan 2008

Since no one else has answered I thought I might give it a go.

The most common causes of something like this are.
Incorrect drivers for graphics card installed or badly installed or corrupt drivers.
Failure of power supply to provide enough power to graphics card.
In the case of some games failing and others being ok then the most likely problem is the games themselves and their might be games patches.
Or a faulty graphics card.

What I would do is. Reinstall graphics drivers with the latest from Nvidia, check that the games you are having problems with are actually compatible with Vista and look inside your PC at your power supply, and the label on it and see if it is in fact powerful enough.

There is as far as I know no problem with the 8800GTS and Vista.

If its a new PC then I would also consider contacting the vendor you got it from.

  [email protected] 21:06 14 Jan 2008

these will help, 2nd down addresses crashes click here

  Jpeg6785 21:25 14 Jan 2008

I have vista home premium, 8800GTS 640mb evga, e6750 overclocked to 3Ghz, 650w antec power supply, s series gigabyte motherboard...

all games play rubbish with frame rates down to 1fps in some areas, ive tried everything latest drivers, stopping super fetch, turning off aero you name it.... crysis, bioshock, MOH airbourne all play rubbish......

No answers I am just in the process of changing the card, mobo and reverting back to XP.

If you want a games machine XP, PS3 or XBOX but not vista.

  Esso43 22:07 14 Jan 2008

Thanks for the replies.

I don't think it is a power issue as I have enough for anotehr graphics card and several otehr items and I have all the up to date drivers.

The only non up to date driver is the BIOS but this should not be the issue.

I am in correspondance with teh supplier of teh machine but it is all very frustrating. We have so far checked the memory and this appears ok.

I am begining to think it is a graphics card compatibility issue as when things do run tehy run ok then just fails some games have failed more frequently than others but all games have failed.

I am learning the skill of frequent saving!!

I am tempted to go back to xp.

Any body know how to run XP on a new disk maybe? So I can still use Vista for general stuff?

  mrwoowoo 00:39 15 Jan 2008

Try these hot fixes that adman 2 gave me on one of my threads.
click here
click here
Hope it may help.

  Esso43 09:37 15 Jan 2008

Thanks for that only one of the hotfixes was needed and I am a little concerned that it had not been picked up as part of the normal auto update.

I will try teh stability with teh hotfix in place and let you all know.

As an aside is it possible to run both Vista and XP on a machine and is that a possible solution? My gut feel is that it would be a lot of work to set up and uninstall and reinstall all the programmes/games?

Any views? I would liek to stick with Vista but it is proving very frustrating.

  mrwoowoo 18:16 15 Jan 2008

Getting a new pc tomorrow so been thinking along the same lines just in case.
googled this
click here

  Esso43 08:51 16 Jan 2008

Great thanks for that it is something I am considering as I am having trouble running some games all together.

However after much help from the PC supplier (Wired2fire) I now seem to have a stable set up. This did involve a BIOS update to the ASUS motehrboard and I do seem to have a much more stable environment now.

My interpretation on the issue is that the stable system supplied by the builder became unstable due to updates to drivers and windows, which I guess is the price you pay for moving to a new os within 12 months. I now test the results as I haven't had time to check all the troublesome games.

Thanks to everyone.

  Esc4p3 10:02 16 Jan 2008

I can't really add much to this debate other than to say I have Vista home premium and a 8800gts 640mb card and it is fantastic, and runs games really well. So I don't think there is a generic incompatibility with the two, but there are so many variations of hardware/software that it is hard to remotely diagnose. Any chance you can swap out any of the components to try and narrow it down (assuming none of the above has worked)

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