Fuzzy fonts problem in Win 10

  TOFF 21:36 01 Jun 2016

Hello - I have an ongoing problem with my display. The fonts are fuzzy in virtually all applications and there's nothing I can do to rectify it. My monitor is a Dell UltraSharp U2415 24 Inch IPS 1920x1200 (16:10). I cannot get it to go above 1920X1080 (16:9) which is 'recommended' by Windows. I have tried everything in Windows and Intel Graphics. However, the Dell software does not recognise my monitor as being one of its own either so I cannot use it to make any adjustments. Windows just describes it as being a generic PnP monitor. Why might this be the case? Also the connection is by HDMI although there is a Displayport option as well. I cannot use the latter as my desktop cannot take a Displayport connection. Nor can I find a female Displayport to male HDMI adapter. They are all the other way around. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

  TOFF 07:20 02 Jun 2016

PS - whilst fiddling around yesterday, I found that the Windows 'recommended' font size is 150%. Actually the text is a bit more sharply defined but I now have to do a lot more scrolling! Surely there must be a way around this?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:17 02 Jun 2016

Windows just describes it as being a generic PnP monitor.

It sounds like you need the driver specific for your monitor. You can get it from here. It doesn't mention Windows 10 but it's worth trying. The driver defines the maximum resolution as 1920x1200 so it should help.....providing of course that your display adapter supports it.

When the download completes, extract the files and it looks like you then need to go into the 4NV1F folder. If you want to install the driver manually then it's called U2415.inf. Or you can click on Dell Monitor Driver Installer instead.

Set your font size back to 100% before you start on this.

By the way, a Google search tells me that your HDMI connection should be able to support 1920x1200:

The maximum pixel clock rate for HDMI 1.0 was 165 MHz, which was sufficient to allow 1080p and WUXGA (1920×1200) at 60 Hz.

1]: [click here

  TOFF 10:55 02 Jun 2016

Thanks Secret Squirrel. I did download a more modern (now includes Win 10) version of the driver yesterday but it would not recognise my monitor as being a Dell?? I tried your driver and it installed successfully changing the monitor's name from Generic PnP to a 'Dell U2415(Displayport)'. I'm afraid it made no difference and I think you have hit the nail on the head in that the display adapter (which is Intel 4600 and built into the motherboard) does not go above 1920X1080. I have updated the display adapter driver but that hasn't made any difference. Should I get a basic graphics card? I'm not a gamer but do a lot of photo editing for which a graphics card is not particularly necessary with my RAM and processor. However, even if a separate graphics card gives me 1920X1200, is it likely that I will be able to achieve less fuzziness at a smaller font size?

  Secret-Squirrel 16:05 02 Jun 2016

..........and it installed successfully changing the monitor's name from Generic PnP to a 'Dell U2415(Displayport)'.

It may not matter but the DisplayPort driver doesn't sound like the right one. Because you're connecting via HDMI, did you not get a chance to choose one of the HDMI drivers? See below:

...which is Intel 4600.......

That display adapter should be perfectly adequate for what you're trying to do.

  TOFF 19:48 02 Jun 2016

Thanks and I have changed that. I couldn't understand why the Dell Display manager prog wouldn't recognise my monitor. Then I read the notes and realised that my HDMI splitter might be the problem. I plugged the monitor straight into the back of the computer and bingo!I now have 1920X1200 and smaller type. It's better but still not brilliant. Thanks for our advice.

  TOFF 21:01 02 Jun 2016

Your advice

  Secret-Squirrel 08:17 03 Jun 2016

Thanks for the update.

.............and smaller type. It's better but still not brilliant.

That doesn't sound right. Text should now be sharp and crisp. Make sure your DPI scaling is now on 100% and it may also help to make sure that ClearType is turned on and configured to your liking.

  TOFF 11:19 03 Jun 2016

Thanks again. I have done that (it was at 125%) and I think that is job done! I greatly appreciate your help.

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