FTP and windows 7

  kindly 20:59 05 Oct 2010

Hi everyone, I have been looking for a decent ftp program after I lost my work on my laptop where I was using Ewisoft free version. I found that windows 7 has a built in ftp program. I have switched it on and tried to use it. I can get to and delete files on my site in situe. I dont seem to be able to download the files to my computer to do editing and adding pages.
I am using FileZilla for that. I am also trying to find a good editing program. Does anyone have any experience with the ftp program in windows 7 and be able to advise me please.
Thanks for any advice.

  mgmcc 08:37 06 Oct 2010

I always just use Windows Explorer (*not* Internet Explorer) for FTP. Type into the address bar using the format (without the spaces)...

f t p: // username:password @ ftpserver . com

You can then "copy & paste" or "drag & drop" files as usual in Windows Explorer.

I haven't come across an FTP program within Windows 7, although there is an click here file which opens in a Command Prompt window.

  mgmcc 08:44 06 Oct 2010

That "click here" has hyperlinked what should have read (without the spaces)...


  kindly 13:16 06 Oct 2010

mgmcc, there is a ftp program but it is turned off as the norm. You have to turn it on yourself follow this link and it shows you. click here

  mgmcc 09:02 07 Oct 2010

That link is to run an FTP *server* in Windows 7.

I thought you were looking for an FTP *client*, i.e. a program to upload and retrieve files on a remote FTP site.

  kindly 11:14 07 Oct 2010

Hi, yes you are right. I dont know very much at all when it comes to all those things. That is why I was using a do it all program when I started to do my site.
I know when I connect to my site using the ftp program on my computer in windows 7, I just get a page with all the files that are on my site and cannot do anything with them other than delete.
So what is the difference between a "server" and a "client". Is it that a client can upload and download the files to my computer for editing purposes and the server just does what I said before.
Sorry for sounding thick but I have asked questions like this before but just get jargon then I just give up.
Thanks mgmcc.

  mgmcc 12:39 07 Oct 2010

An FTP "server" is the computer in which the files (normally for a website) are hosted. This is the computer which visitors to the site will access with their browsers using HTTP protocol.

An FTP "client" is the program that the website's author will use to upload files to the server or to remove them.

Many FTP servers run Unix, rather than a Windows operating system, and one very important aspect of this is that, unlike Windows, file names are case sensitive. In Windows "Index" and "index" are the same, in Unix they are different files.

  kindly 14:10 07 Oct 2010

Cheers mgmcc, that makes sence now.

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