Frustrating net connection problem

  wotbus@ 16:10 11 Nov 2007

Dell Laptop/Vista
Unable to connect to the Internet despite being told I am already connected!
My laptop is connected either by WiFi or Ethernet cable - always when I click IE7 there is a short wait then "IE cannot display the webpage" etc etc.
If I try the "connect to the Internet" options I am told I am already connected - the taskbar wifi icon also indicates the same.
Seems I am connected but cannot surf! Some sort of firewall lockdown? - I have tried disabling the Windows firewall but it's the same. Work offline? I have checked that and it's correct. While in this situation a Windows update arrived, so what's going on? How do I get out?

  wotbus@ 16:16 11 Nov 2007

I have just tried AVG - Check for updates. The laptop has connected to the AVG server and is now downloading the updates. Look like IE7 is the problem but how do I get around it?

  wotbus@ 16:27 11 Nov 2007

I have just downloaded (via another computer) and installed Firefox on the lappy. It won't even launch? Could it be a memory problem?
The lappy has 1Gb and I know from experience that 1Gb is the minimum for Vista?

  youtruth 16:28 11 Nov 2007

Using AOL by any chance?

  wotbus@ 16:36 11 Nov 2007

No, it's Free.FR (I am in France)
I have two desktops up and running on a wifi net and connected and surfing (wife not 2m away from me and the lappy in between). The laptop is connected but just won't, uhhhh, get out onto the net. I have disabled the Phishing filter thingy and a bit of web page arrived but there it stayed.
I have already run CCleaner/Disc Defragger/AV scans/AntiSpyware and finally SFC. It boots OK, connects to the net OK, but thats's it.

  birdface 17:50 11 Nov 2007

Is it the Home page that you cannot connect to,Or is it any web page.Obviously if you are receiving Microsoft up-dates you are connected.Have you tried switching the add-0ns off and then try.Or go into add-ons and make sure that there is nothing disabled that should not be.Did you try ,Tools Internet Options.Advanced,press reset.and see if that helps.Or tools internet options.Make sure internet explorer is your Default web Browser.Or try this.Tools.Enable or disable add-ons.If you have ssv helper class sun microsystems.browser helper object ssv.dll.Now this is a java program and there should be 2 java programs on there only dissable the one that says browser helper object.Turn I/E off and back on again and see if there is any difference .And I do appologise if you are unable to do so if you cannot open IE7.If not can you open control panel and open internet options from there.

  birdface 17:59 11 Nov 2007 here=

  wotbus@ 18:11 11 Nov 2007

Hi buteman. I have tried the Tools/Rest and the add ons, but no good.
The annoying thing is it works sometimes albeit incredibly slow. I am now of the conclusion there is simply not enough memory (1Gb) to cope with the applications which are trying to access the next each time I launch IE7, and it's just timing out.
I am in the process of stopping various things to test my theory but the wait, ohhhh the waiting.
Both my other PC's run XP and having just digested the comparison between XP and Vista in another well known PC mag, I think I will stay with XP as long as I can :-)
Thanks for the post and I will report my findings, if any...

  wotbus@ 21:13 11 Nov 2007

"Don't worry, you are not alone". - Ever heard that before?
click here
Extremely well documented elsewhere also, what is it with MS IE7 and Vista, I thought they were made for each other?
There, had my moan, going to bed now - happy it's not my laptop :-)

  JohnDW8690 03:47 12 Nov 2007

Hey wotbus@. I have the same exact problem, although it is most noticable using my hotmail account. The system is so slow, and I get the dreaded "IE cannot display the webpage" error so often, that I find it difficult to read and answer my e-mail. Attaching anything to an e-mail, I have to shave again before it happens. Running the connection diagnostic is no help...tells me i am connected and there is no problem. Have tried everything suggested hear and then some. Have stopped short of re-installing OS/IE7, newest Dell came installed. Friend seems to think he might have some insight, will post if helps.

  wotbus@ 08:02 12 Nov 2007

Hi JohnDW8690. My sympathy to you and to everyone else with the dreaded slowdown. In between my DIY jobs I am still working on the laptop - at the moment it's doing a complete McAfee AV scan which will probably take until next week LOL ;-)
I don't expect to find anything as I have already swept it with AVG and A2.
I intend to max out the memory to at least eliminate that situation (1Gb up to 2Gb) and will post any progress. Resist the urge to re-install your OS as that will give you even more heartache but I have come close to re-installing IE7 and will probably do so before the memory arrives although it won't even work with FF so I am moving away from the "IE7 is the culprit". I will determine the type and speed of the fitted memory later today because if that's not correct then it could be the cause of the problem. It has to be DDR2 PC5300 or 4200.
Watch this space...

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