This forum is very quiet?

  SteveWH 22:42 13 Mar 2007

I am surprised at how quiet this forum is does this mean that not many have taken the plunge into the Vista world? Or that many have with no problems?

After some issues at the beginning and some minor niggles I have found this OS far better than XP and incidentally much richer and more interesting to use that OSX though OSX handles widgets far better. The gadgets you can get are also disappointing.

  Kate B 23:15 13 Mar 2007

I think there will be more widgets around as time goes on and as people write them. There are loads for Konfabulator and OSX - a big chunk of them useless, I might add, at least to me. I can't say I need or want a gadget on my desktop delivering up Seattle traffic or a Bible quote every day, but each to their own.

Yup, this isn't a massively busy board - there are people around who have been running Vista since the betas and plenty of us with the full RTM version. I hope the general quietness is to do with the fact that barring some driver irritations, it's a pretty trouble-free OS. I agree, it's much richer than XP. I'm a fan. Even more so now that my graphics cards work in SLI. All I need now is drivers for my scanner and I'll be a very happy bunny.

  Forum Editor 00:57 14 Mar 2007

and barring a continuing device driver issue on one of my laptops (unknown device, no driver can be found, but machine works perfectly) I've had no real problems.

Like Kate, I hope the lack of activity here means that people are generally having few problems with Vista. It may be because not many people are installing it of course, and Microsoft must certainly be less than ecstatic with initial uptake. I think Vista's going to be rather more of a slow burner than Windows XP - that took off like an express train. XP is probably partly to blame - if blame's the word - for any slowness in Vista sales because it is itself an extremely good Windows version.

  Britmex 07:45 14 Mar 2007

I would like to have Vista but will continue to use XP Pro as I refuse to let Microsoft kick me in the financial groin with their huge price differential for the U.K.
I really think that Microsoft ,rather than causing "wow" have made us shout "ow !" and missed a good opportunity to create some goodwill by pricing non U.S. more fairly.
By their refusal to comment to the FE re the price differential they have made matters worse.

  crosstrainer 08:13 14 Mar 2007

The Side bar is one of the irratating features, and I disabled it straight away. The new Beta SLI drivers are a bit like the curates egg...some things work, some do not...any idea (with your rich source of contacts, I guess you now have a free 8800 GTX to play with) when new non-Beta drivers are slated to arrive?

  crosstrainer 08:15 14 Mar 2007

Have not taken the plunge to Vista on my laptop yet although upgrade disk is here...too risky, what was the laptop you had problems with? Mine is an Acer Aspire 2gb ram ATI express graphics, Windows XP MCE

  Coltch 08:57 14 Mar 2007

I don't have the RTM version of Vista yet, no point as my RC2 install still works, I also know quite a few people who are not switching till their RC releases expire.

In the next couple of months I'll have to purchase Vista (still deciding between OEM and Retail version of Ultimate) as I very rarely use XP anymore.

  Kate B 10:11 14 Mar 2007

crosstrainer, I wish ... *dreams* Apparently none of the magazines will give the review cards back, hardly a surprise! I'll ask, actually, about drivers.

  crosstrainer 10:55 14 Mar 2007

On the rare occasions us poor oem's get a "trial" bit of kit... we always have to give it back (floods of tears) Prices on the 8800 fallng but not enough for my new beast yet...those Beta sli drivers are strange, FEAR 1 runs fine, but the sequel (extraction point) will not...horrible blocky polygons and tearing..tried xp compatibility..smae result. Strange as they both use the same game engine.

  Kate B 11:13 14 Mar 2007

Journalists usually give kit back, too *sobs loudly*

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