force a restart

  keith mac 10:23 30 May 2011

Compaq laptop, Windows 7 64Bit, Athlon M300, 3 Gig RAM

Recently, when turning off by pressing the on-screen, virtual 'Shut Down' button while a program is running, I get a screen advising me that such and such program is preventing Windows from closing down and showing a 'Force Restart' button - pressing that brings a warning about unsaved work which needs to be accepted before shut-down can go ahead.

I don't recall that happening until recently and I haven't experienced it with my other Vista o/s unit. I've rarely needed to close programs manually except when I have unsaved work etc.

What's changed? Why can't I just press the 'Shut Down' button as I used to and leave Windows to close all open programs automatically as it used to do?

  chub_tor 14:24 30 May 2011

The "such and such" a programme is still running, you need to find out what that programme is and decide if it is important to you. In my case I get the message sometimes because Mailwasher is running and checking my mail. What has changed is that you have added a "such and such" program that needs intervention.

  keith mac 19:14 30 May 2011

I KNOW the program(s) is/are running but Windows used to switch it/them off without my needing to close each individually....

You're not following - this is a new situation - I've been shutting off my computers without problem for ages. The programs are typically Firefox and IE because I check email just before I go offline but other programs will also hang just the same - to repeat it never used to happen - I'd never seen the 'Force a Restart' button EVER until recently....

As an additional piece of info, if I choose 'Restart' the problem doesn't happen. Windows just closes the open program(s) without hesitation and restarts the computer.

As far as I can recall (many months if not years since Vista appeared), Windows has always closed most open programs without hesitation when I turn it off.

  keith mac 19:48 30 May 2011

I figured it.

I had recently changed the Power Management settings of Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller in a vain attempt to prevent the wifi power being turned off when putting the computer into 'Sleep' mode. (often slow to power up again)

Reverting to the original setting has now resumed the near-instant switch off by Windows of active programs.

Shows how you need to remember what you change!

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