Floppy problems with different operating systems

  Catastrophe 14:59 20 Jan 2008

I have some Partition Magic 5 floppy recovery disks but these will not work in XP or Vista PC. They do work fine in a 98SE PC.

I have tried making floppies in the XP and Vista PCs but I keep getting the message to put a floppy into A: drive. They are just not recognised.

I have seen this before where floppies work with one OS but not another. I have tried old floppies (many) but they work in 98SE but not in XP or Vista.

I have googled but found no help.

Is this a known problem or not?

  tullie 19:42 20 Jan 2008

Cant help you,but suggest putting recovery onto cd,or dvd, which ever is appropriate.Just a thought,does partition magic 5 work ok with xp and vista?If not maybe an upgrade of partition magic?

  Catastrophe 22:04 20 Jan 2008

The problem is that I cannot get PM onto anything. I have about 500 floppies (I have not tried them all) which will not work in XP or Vista but work fine in 98SE. Not recognised.

I have PM on XP PC but cannot make disks because neither XP nor Vista will recognise them.

If I put ANY floppy into XP or Vista PC they are not recognised. Put them into 98SE PC and they work fine.

  Catastrophe 22:12 20 Jan 2008

I have 5 PCs here.

PM 5 works fine on 98SE.

Same floppies work fine on 98SE but are not recognised on PCs running XP or Vista.

I have PM 8 on one PC but cannot make recovery disks because XP/Vista PC cannot recognise floppy in A:

I have dozens (hundreds?) old floppies which are recognised in 98SE but NOT in XP/Vista PCs.

It is driving me mad.


  Catastrophe 22:15 20 Jan 2008

If it were just one PC I would think it was a hardware (A:) problem but it is not. It seems OS related. On different PCs.

  tullie 23:17 20 Jan 2008

As i said,cant you make a new recovery disk using a cd,then throw all floppies in bin?

  Catastrophe 06:42 21 Jan 2008

The CD option does not work for me. Why, I don't know. Anything that works / is made on Win98SE PC does not work / is not recognised on my XP or Vista PCs. Is this not widely recognised or is it just on my PCs?

  Catastrophe 08:54 25 Jan 2008

Has nobody else experienced this problem?

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