Firewire AND Vista problems

  eoinrua 22:57 20 Apr 2007

Hi, I initially posted this in the DV section but, on reflection, think it's more Vista-related.

Is anyone else having difficulty using firewire DV camcorders in Vista?

I bought a new machine (1.8Ghz Core Duo; 1Gb memory) to speed up DV editing, with plans to upgrade memory to 4Gb once I was certain everything was fine.

But firewire's not fine under Vista. I installed the PCI firewire card from my old machine, only to find that it created a strange problem. The machine just wouldn't shut down via software and constantly rebooted.

Remember that I was editing DV on my XP platform with the same card no problem.

I bought a new card and installed it. The machine shuts down properly now, but importing from the camcorder is impossible. Vista won't run my Studio 9 package at all. When I use Movie Maker the camcorder is identified but when I try to import the program comes up with an "unrecognised error".

Roxio Creator 9 will import, but badly. The sound is corrupted for the first few seconds and it only imports for around two minutes. While importing, it breaks everything into timestamp-based clips which appear in the window. That's great, just what I want.

But when I stop recording they're all combined into one big AVI file that Movie Maker won't open for editing.

Any help will be appreciated but are many other of you having similar firewire problems in Vista? Google searches indicate that Vista is uncomfortable with firewire - but no-one's produced any answers yet.

  anskyber 10:18 21 Apr 2007

Have you checked to see if there are Vista drivers for your card?

  eoinrua 23:22 21 Apr 2007

Don't seem to be unfortunately. Device manager tells me everything's up to date with the "good" new card and the "bad" old card.

Hunted for new drivers, but everything seems to be as it should be. Firewire card drivers all seem to be fairly generic.

  eoinrua 22:25 25 Apr 2007

Problem is sort of resolved. I still have to find a decent compatible editing package, but for trouble-free firewire import the tiny freeware WinDV program is unbeatable.

All I need to do now is find some decent editing software that works in Vista.

  HappyTrucker 15:17 26 Apr 2007

It depends what you're willing to pay for the editing package I suppose.

Three that I know work in Vista are MPEG Video Wizard [click here], Edit Studio [click here] and Video ReDo Plus [click here].

Both the first ones feature transitions and the ability to add music tracks etc., with Edit Studio supporting layers, multiple audio tracks and even (if you feel adventurous) green screen removal!!! Good for a laugh that one. The third is essentially just a 'chop out what you don't need' approach. You may need to check compatibility with your imported format (not sure about AVI support etc), but the first and third work with everything I've thrown at them (inc VOB files). The Edit Studio can't handle VOBs - well, it can, but not the audio format included in them.

Hope this helps a little.

  eoinrua 02:34 27 May 2007

Buy a new firewire card with the Texas chipset. An alternative - the one that worked for me - is the IEEE1394a 3-port host adapter available from Maplin.

Works a treat.


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