[email protected] 09:02 21 Sep 2007

sorry i know this been done to death. i have security programs, i hate pop ups. i use norton 2007 on xp and i like it. having problems with vista though norton had some teething problems, so i used kaspersky 6 which seemed to hit the resources harder than norton and recently you get a pop up telling you svsc has changed everytime you do anything on the pc. as with norton i got fed up waiting for the 'we are working on it guys' response. i downloaded nod32.
so current set up is nod32, avgas and vista firewall with defender on. i thought firewall on inbound only together with defender and 2 good av and antispyware programs and a hardware firewall would surfice.
i tried zone alarm and cant understand how anyone has the patience to run it on medium security/ game mode etc.
however i have just done a leaktest on the set up and it failed, quite shockingly on every single test, ie not 1 pass!
i love it at the moment as games run at xp speeds and as you may know thats mainly what the pc does, and would keep it like this if i was the only user, the last time i cut back on security i had to spend 2 days reformatting the pc after a friend thought he would do me a favour by clicking on a free program (> )
i feel safe letting anyone use my pc with nis or kis at the moment im not sure and have recently got rid of site advisor.
is it enough security, or is there a smart firewall available dont mind paying. norton and kaspersky firewalls seem able to pass the firewall leaktest without ever asking me to 'allow'
or is zone alarm ok to leave on low security?
any advice as always gratefully recieved.

  aine 17:36 21 Sep 2007

reading your setup, i note you have 2 anti virus programmes running. It is recommended that only one should be used to avoid conflict, zone alarm works ok for me.Vista fire wall operates in both inbound and outbound aine

  skidzy 19:35 21 Sep 2007

The Vista does have inbound and outbound protection as you say,however it is very very basic.
The outbound needs a lot of work,you can learn to create the rules needed to have this protection...but will take a very long time..we will probably see the next os.

The outbound filter has been covered many times before and i dont think anyone really understands how to use here

If using torrents or game servers,i would be very careful using Vista own firewall,i would recommend a third party software firewall with configurable inbound and outbound capabilities.

  [email protected] 23:51 21 Sep 2007

sorry a typo, as i stated i have nod32 and avgas.
skidzy i heard it was basic but vista firewall failed big time on on shields up. the C programmer who advised me to try nod32 told me it was better than none at all.... just! i have tried zone alarm again but only as a temp measure, i want a first class superlightweight vista firewall that doesnt nag!
thanks for the replies.

  [email protected] 13:57 22 Sep 2007

ok, so now avgas shows turned off in security center, reinstalled, reset wmmgmt files, still the same.
microsoft's advice? turn off security notifications, which just about says it all!

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