File Search and Moving Group of Files

  Purple Plover 15:50 15 May 2013

In Windows XP I could find a group of files (example *.jpg) and then move the found group to another location (useful for sorting out old and/or duplicate files).

In Windows 8 I can search and find the group of files, but then I can only select one file at a time and not move the whole group to a different location.

I'm sure I'm missing the obvious as there must be an easy answer, but having trouble finding it. Appreciate any help before sanity damaged!


  rdave13 16:57 15 May 2013

If you're doing it via the start, search,then right click one file and select file location at the bottom. This will open the desktop and all the files in that location. Copy all the files then find where to paste them.

  rdave13 17:16 15 May 2013

Best way is to open file explorer, Computer and use the search box top right hand side.

  Purple Plover 19:33 15 May 2013

Thanks rdave13, second suggestion worked a treat.

Now going to put my stupid badge on!

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