Feeling left out.

  wolfie3000 00:12 25 Sep 2006

With the vista beta being launched and alot of people running it on here there are a few of us who feel left out because we either dont have a pc that can handle vista, are worried about it being in beta still or just dont understand it.

What are forum members thoughts on this?

  LastChip 00:47 25 Sep 2006

If you don't know what you're doing, leave it alone.

As our FE pointed out elsewhere, it is still in beta form. It is not meant to be used in a "production environment". In other words, there are still bugs and small changes may still be made.

For example, my installation is on a completely separate drive, on a multi-boot machine, so it can't possible screw anything else up.

As far as I can see, it's been released for two reasons. One: to enable Microsoft to gain as much information from the "real world" prior to finalising its release and Two: to enable IT Professionals to start to test it in their specific environments, to see what changes they need to make in order to accept it onto their networks. This can have a lead time of perhaps a couple of years in some cases and many wont consider it until the first service pack is released.

Quite honestly, it's pretty and there are some new bells and whistles that in the light of day, may or may not get used. But at the end of the day, It's an operating system, just like XP, or WIN2K or anything else you wish to name.

I rather suspect however, that for many people, much of the capability will not be used. Much the same as for example Microsoft Office, where research has shown, most people only use (on a regular basis) about 5 - 10% of its capability.

So I wouldn't get over concerned about being left out!

  Forum Editor 00:51 25 Sep 2006

That you feel left out?

There's not much anyone can do if you feel left out, wolfie, except to say that Vista doesn't launch until after Christmas, and that gives you time to think about the chances of getting your machine up to the Vista specification, or of buying a new one.

From now on you'll see all the computer manufacturers advertising 'Vista ready' machines, and component and software suppliers will do the same. Apart from anything else, a new operating system means sales opportunities, and manufacturers will pull the stops out to make sure that they sell ahead of the demand for Vista. As soon as it's available to the OEM market manufacturers will install it by default.

If the beta aspect is what worries you then your choice is simple - don't install it - wait for the shrink-wrap to be released. In truth, the current RC1 code is as near as makes no difference to the final version anyway, and any changes from now on will be minor. Microsoft needs to get this code to 'Gold' status as quickly as possible now, because there's a very small window for changes - in fact if it's not there within the next few weeks it won't be in the launch version.

If your third option applies - that you just don't understand it - there's not a lot I can say, apart from telling you that you're in good company. That's partly why we've opened this forum. As launch day approaches and is passed we'll see hundreds of posts from people who are confused - many will not have seen the beta - and frustrated by the inevitable driver and software incompatibilities. Microsoft has worked extremely hard to ensure that this launch goes as smothly as it can, and as someone who has been testing Vista since it first saw the light of day (as Longhorn), I can assure you that it's been the best-run beta program that Microsoft has ever produced. The chances are very good that in the vast majority of cases Vista will simply install itself and carry on as if nothing had happened.

I hope I'm not forced to eat my words.

  wolfie3000 01:00 25 Sep 2006

I think in my case im a little worried about it,
I dont really have an interest in the technical aspects of vista, i just want it to run my games, internet and so on.

Its the idea of it being beta that put off people like me but feel left out at not being brave enough to install it.

The whole driver incompatibility issue worries me too, last thing i need is my gfx card to fail as you can understand in my case its the most used hard ware on my pc.

In the end i really want to install vista with its bells and whistles but just dont want to spend half my time sorting problems.

  sunny staines 06:54 25 Sep 2006

I fully understand the risks of a beta that could crash your pc. But with the good support of this forum I have given it a run and found it a good experience. i recently rebuilt my pc to handle thr spec of vista. i was worried about the lack of drivers as various makers said they did not have vista drivers but visa seemed to have all the drivers included in the beta.
I am enjoying the learning curve.

  anskyber 09:45 25 Sep 2006

Hi. You are not alone in wishing (if you are wishing) you could have Vista now. I feel very much the same but my limited IT skills unsure that I do not take inappropriate risks.

So,I sit and wait for the shrink wrap and maybe even a little longer than that until the full release bugs have settled down.

In the meantime I read all the threads in this section of the forum and try to read as widly as possible in Vista, its part of the fun really. I do not feel left out, to be honest at this stage its a really good idea to be out rather than in.

  Forum Editor 19:24 25 Sep 2006

and yours too, anskyber.

If I'm honest, I admit to a touch of beta stage-fright myself, which is why I'm only running the Vista RC1 on my laptop. I would never, under any circumstances, run beta software on a mission-critical computer, and for most home users their mission-critical machine is their only machine.

  malacas 20:13 25 Sep 2006

Some say that Vista won't now be shipping till mid 2007 - as Bill Gates has hinted.

  lisa02 20:23 25 Sep 2006

I look at it this way:

1. It's beta: I don't want to mess my only computer which has XP preinstalled up.

2. It'll add to the excitement of getting my new system next year as I haven't experienced it (Vista) yet.

I have changed computer twice in the past, both where XP and it seems like only half a new experience when it's the same OS (interface) and different hardware.

This one will be a totally new experience.

  Forum Editor 22:13 25 Sep 2006

Where or when did Bill Gates hint that the Vista shipping date had slipped to mid 2007?

He obviously hasn't told the people who update the Vista web site, or the Microsoft press office - both of them still think it's on schedule for early 2007, as announced.

Who are these 'some' who talk of the mid-year shipping date?

  mattyc_92 21:35 26 Sep 2006

I personally installed RC1 almost straight away. I have, however, backed up my system with TrueImage and got Vista and XP duel-booting.

I still intend to use my XP setup as my main OS, as it has all my personal files, configurations and programs installed.
I occasionally go onto Vista. I find that there isn't that many bugs (that I can find anyway), but some programs I have tried (Nero is one) that sometimes like to have a "fight" with Vista.

I continue to backup my whole system weekly how I usually do using TrueImage (but I keep it separate from my XP-Only backup that pre-dates the Vista installation) just incase of any bugs ;-)

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