favorites logo wrong

  ened 13:20 12 Dec 2007

This is a strange and not necessarily Vista problem.

The logos next to the titles in Favorites have started displaying other items:

ie: Next to the Orange site name is a bright orange badge with 'orange' written inside. Fine; but the BBC site has now got the same logo.

Also whichever sites are affected (it isn't only orange)that is the logo displayed at the top of the browser.

  ened 13:22 12 Dec 2007

This is not a major problem but yesterday I returned to the computer to the message that Internet Explorer had stopped working.

I immediately did a system restore and all seemed okay - but I wonder if it is?

  anskyber 13:32 12 Dec 2007

This problem is usually associated with temporary internet files. If you are using IE7 then set it up to delete them on close down.

  ened 14:00 12 Dec 2007

Okay I have just found how to do this but before I do I need to know if there is anything else which will be affected: like sites being able to recognise me on a revisit for example.

  anskyber 14:35 12 Dec 2007

No. it's cookies which do that, deleting temp internet files is OK. If you are using IE7 under internet options and the advanced tab you can select it under the security heading.

  ened 15:02 12 Dec 2007

That's two pints (at least) of Doom Bar I owe you.

I am, however slightly confused because I would have thought that deleting the temporary files would kill all the logos. What has in fact happened is that the logos are now correct again.

Any job done - many thanks.

  anskyber 15:18 12 Dec 2007

Slurp! Ah, lovely. Or should I say luvurly (!)

  ened 09:59 29 Dec 2007

Sorry to come back to this but the problem has recurred and I have it set as you instructed. I have tried to untick it then re tick the box but I have incorrect icons all over the place - for instance at the top of the page at the moment is the BBC logo.

  anskyber 10:04 29 Dec 2007

Did you click apply at th bottom, then OK?

  ened 10:25 29 Dec 2007

It has/did worked initially and yes I did click apply.

The only thing I have.t done is reboot.

I am going to try that now.

  ened 10:34 29 Dec 2007

That has not done the trick.

Any other ideas?

It is actually quite irritating. I can't work out how it is picking up the logos in the first place. I haven't gone from PC Advisor to BBC - in fact I didn't even have a BBC tab open.

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