Fails to Install

  morddwyd 15:32 14 Apr 2012

Tried to install twice, but install gets to 25% (both times) then computer shuts down.

Restart is simply a normal boot into Win 7 with no sign of any Windows 8 interface at all.

Any suggestions?

  woody 22:06 14 Apr 2012

I presume you have downloaded win 8 . You then burnt iso to dvd. You put dvd in drive - switched off - then started the pc -boot into dvd. Then what did you do?

  sharpamat 08:03 15 Apr 2012

Further to woodys post, How did you try to load Win 8?

Was it a clean install or an upgrade that you attempted?

If a clean install was it to an empty partion, a spare HD or a VD?

If you tryed an upgrade It cannot be uninstalled only removed

  morddwyd 09:40 15 Apr 2012

Thanks for the responses.

Tried both a bootable usb drive and a hard disc install.

Eventually got it to install up to the final reboot, but then got a message that install had failed and was reverting to previous version (Win 7 64 bit).

Then found that the installation was corrupt and looping, and had to go right back to basics and go into the BIOS.

I was playing around the best part of the whole day yesterday.

I think I'll wait for the retail version, or at least the RC!

  woody 00:49 16 Apr 2012

USB drive - thats a NO NO. If you have tried to load it onto an internal hard drive and it failed - download/burn onto a different speed DVD. The win 8 program is very sound - thats not saying i like it! It is worth trying.

  sharpamat 08:01 16 Apr 2012

Further to woodys advice plus my own.I only ever use an external drive for back up and restoring information

1 Did you if fact burn the image you downloaded on a DVD?

2 Check your internal hard drive, you may have enough space to make a new partion into which you can load Win 8

Installing is simple useing the method as per woodys first reply.Plus select a clean install and direct it to the partion you want to install it on

there is no confirmation as yet on a RC so its still unknown if this will happen / or if it does will be made available to users

  morddwyd 08:52 16 Apr 2012

"USB drive - thats a NO NO."

Could you advise why?

It's offered as an option, so should be OK.

  woody 14:54 16 Apr 2012

Win 8 release is an early form of the OS. You will see a number of sites showing how they have succeeded with usb. In my opinion/experience - like always on the net it is only my opinion/experience - usb is a no no. Part of trying a new program is to find how easy it is to download/install/use. If you have tried best part of the day - you know your set up - pc/dvd/usb etc is not working with this item. It loads quite easy with no problems IF the components are ok. We did ask - did you try a dvd - did you try a diff dvd speed or do you insist on usb?

The things I do not like and your,usb, problem can be overcome but the idea of trying a pre retail version is to see how it works straight out of the box.

Don't give up but try the easy way - its usually the best.

  morddwyd 20:09 16 Apr 2012

Take your point, reason I tried the USB route was because it was the easier option - I had the usb drive to hand, but I didn't have a dvd.

When I have another couple of hours to spare (I'm with BT, the download literally takes hours, they can't get above 2 mtgs!) I'll give it a try.

  woody 20:17 16 Apr 2012

Did you download it to usb? or to hard drive? If you DL to HD it is still there - now burn it to DVD.

  morddwyd 22:25 16 Apr 2012

Yes, I've got it as a 3gig ISO file so I might give it a whirl.

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