Explorer won't open error (0xc0000005)

  John_seben 07:02 18 Feb 2015

I purchased this Acer laptop in 2013 brand-new. I have never opened a single piece of mail or visited porn sites on it.

Pokerstars and netflix that is it !

Now I try to open up explore and I get a message - "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click okay to close the application"

I already posted this once and somebody gave me a link that took me to a Microsoft website. On the website they had step-by-step instructions to fix it myself, as well as link that would allow them to fix it. As I am so computer illiterate I was unable to do it myself I need to be able to allow them to fix it. But as I have no explore on my laptop what am I going to do? (Posting from iphone) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated or an actual step on how to do this.

Thank you very much G

  mole1944 07:06 18 Feb 2015

Download and use chrome,even Microsoft are dumping it.

  BRYNIT 08:24 18 Feb 2015

After a quick search this error code could relate to a lot of things. You could try running sfc /scannow this will check the system files Click here for for instructions

You could also try resetting IE CLICK HERE

  Forum Editor 10:43 28 Feb 2015

Please do not open further threads on the same subject - stick to this version. I have deleted the three other threads you started.

  rdave13 14:12 28 Feb 2015

Is this Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer?

  John_seben 22:11 01 Mar 2015

Internet explorer I think ? It can on the computer when I bought it.

The directions you gave me last time I was sorta lost. If you could be a bit more descriptive I'm sure I could figure it out this time.

Thank you

  John_seben 06:33 02 Mar 2015

Just so you are fully AWARE, my responses to this post, as well as the initial post we're all done via my iPhone, not my computer.

Mole 1944 How do I download Google Chrome, if I'm unable to use my Internet explorer to get onto the Internet?

  Secret-Squirrel 11:57 02 Mar 2015

John, you're clearing wanting a very easy fix for your Internet Explorer problem so try this:

Go to Control Panel and make sure that "Large Icons" is selected in the "View by" section top-right. Go into "Internet Options", click the "Advanced" tab then click the "Reset" button. When it's finished try opening IE again.

You've haven't said which version of Windows you're running so I can't be more specific than that.

  John_seben 21:35 16 Mar 2015

I am running Windows 7 premium home version.

I was going to do what you said in your last post, however I am worried it won't if it does not work it will delete my poker stars.

Will it delete my PokerStars ? That's all I use the thing for

  John_seben 20:17 17 Mar 2015

BRYNIT Ok, I did what you said to do in last message, the sfc scan and it came back saying it could not find anything. Then I did it in safe mode and it would bring up black window for a second then dis appear. I did restart after. Windows 7 premium home ver is what it's running.

If I reset the computer do I loose my Pokerstars program ?

  Secret-Squirrel 21:49 17 Mar 2015

"I am worried it won't if it does not work it will delete my poker stars.......Will it delete my PokerStars ?....If I reset the computer do I loose my Pokerstars program ?"

No one's asked you to reset your computer.

What is this "Pokerstars"? Is it a webpage or is it a program on your computer that has nothing to do with Internet Explorer?

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